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Drift Accessories

The Drift brand is not the market leader in the action camera market; that accolade belongs to Go-Pro. But because Drift came later, and has been able to learn from the market leader's mistakes and weaknesses, we think they have invented a product that is certainly better packaged, and which has a number of advantages. Drift's dimensions and format makes it less obtrusive. Its 360° rotating lens also gives greater flexibility, whilst its integral screen lets you see what you are shooting. There are a number of models in the range and, like Go-Pro, the HD images it captures are amazing.

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Drift Compass Camera

Drift Compass Camera (DRI023)

Compass - The Wearable Action Camera by Drift Innovations. Tiny, tough, and just a tap away, Compass snaps up the moments that used to pass you by.


Drift Remote Control

Drift Remote Control (DRI022)

The Drift Two-Way Remote places intuitive control at your fingertips. Easily attached to a wrist or pack, and with glove friendly buttons, the Two-Way Remote Control clearly communicates your camera's current status using Drift's innovative color system.


Drift Ghost-S camera black

Drift Ghost-S camera black (DRI020)

The Drift Ghost-S action camera is an updated version of Drift's Ghost HD, and features a host of upgraded features.


Drift goggle mount

Drift goggle mount (DRI004)

The Drift goggle mount has been designed to attach your Drift HD Ghost camera to your goggle straps. This mount features rubber base grips to help increase the stability of the camera stability enabling smoother video footage.


Drift adhesive mount kit

Drift adhesive mount kit (DRI002)

The Drift adhesive mount kit has been designed to enable the mounting of your Drift HD Ghost camera to any flat or curved surface.


Drift Ghost standard battery

Drift Ghost standard battery (DRI019)

The Drift Ghost standard battery is a replacement rechargeable lithium battery.


Drift Ghost cradle charger

Drift Ghost cradle charger (DRI018)

The Drift Ghost cradle charger is a wall charger compatible with Drift HD Ghost batteries and includes a 12V car adapter enabling charging whilst in your vehicle. Please note the battery is not included.


Drift Ghost HDMI cable

Drift Ghost HDMI cable (DRI017)

Connect your Drift HD Ghost camera using the Drift Ghost HDMI cable and enjoy your captured footages in high definition.


Drift Ghost external microphone

Drift Ghost external microphone (DRI016)

The Drift Ghost external microphone enables direct audio whilst capturing the perfect shot.


Drift Ghost spare lens kit

Drift Ghost spare lens kit (DRI015)

Don't miss a shot with the Drift Ghost spare lens kit. This kit features all the replacement parts and tools needed to change the lens of your Drift HD Ghost camera.


Drift curved adhesive mount

Drift curved adhesive mount (DRI013)

Attach your Drift HD Ghost camera to any curved surface using the Drift flat adhesive mounts. This set includes 5 curved adhesive mounts.


Drift flat adhesive mount

Drift flat adhesive mount (DRI012)

Attach your Drift HD Ghost camera to any flat surface using the Drift flat adhesive mounts. This set includes 5 flat adhesive mounts.


Drift shoulder mount

Drift shoulder mount (DRI011)

The Drift shoulder mount is the ideal accessory for capturing the action. This mount is full adjustable and securely attaches your Drift HD Ghost camera to your body.


Drift TimeLapse

Drift TimeLapse (DRI010)

The Drift TimeLapse enables photo TimeLapse sequences to be captured and rotates 360 degrees in 60 minutes, ideal for capturing all the action.


Drift surf mount

Drift surf mount (DRI009)

The Drift surf mount enables you to attach your Drift HD Ghost camera to surfboards, kiteboards and windsurf boards. Capture the perfect shot whilst riding the waves, with this durable waterproof mount which securely locks your camera into place.


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