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Drift Accessories

The Drift brand is not the market leader in the action camera market; that accolade belongs to Go-Pro. But because Drift came later, and has been able to learn from the market leader's mistakes and weaknesses, we think they have invented a product that is certainly better packaged, and which has a number of advantages. Drift's dimensions and format makes it less obtrusive. Its 360° rotating lens also gives greater flexibility, whilst its integral screen lets you see what you are shooting. There are a number of models in the range and, like Go-Pro, the HD images it captures are amazing.

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Drift Compass Camera

Drift Compass Camera (DRI023)


Drift Remote Control

Drift Remote Control (DRI022)


Drift Ghost-S camera black

Drift Ghost-S camera black (DRI020)


Drift Ghost standard battery

Drift Ghost standard battery (DRI019)


Drift Ghost cradle charger

Drift Ghost cradle charger (DRI018)


Drift Ghost HDMI cable

Drift Ghost HDMI cable (DRI017)


Drift Ghost spare lens kit

Drift Ghost spare lens kit (DRI015)


Drift curved adhesive mount

Drift curved adhesive mount (DRI013)


Drift flat adhesive mount

Drift flat adhesive mount (DRI012)


Drift shoulder mount

Drift shoulder mount (DRI011)


Drift TimeLapse

Drift TimeLapse (DRI010)


Drift surf mount

Drift surf mount (DRI009)


Drift rollbar mount

Drift rollbar mount (DRI008)


Drift handlebar mount

Drift handlebar mount (DRI007)


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