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Retro Legends


The Southern Californian motoring scene of the forties, fifties and sixties is the inspiration behind the Retro Legends range of garments.


Think Route 66, hot-rodding, the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Indianapolis Speedway, James Dean, Burt Monro, and iconic movies like American Graffiti.


These were heady days, as both the motor car and motorcycle industries boomed.


Motor manufacturers, oil companies, and the makers of all kinds of parts and accessories flourished.


And the competition to reach consumers became ever more intense.


It’s the colourful designs and evocative logos created by many of these companies that form the heart of the Retro Legends proposition.


Our key garment is our unbeatable T-sweat; a shirt so good that it comes with a lifetime guarantee against faulty manufacture.


Of course, there’s loads of other stuff in the range; from phone covers and metal signs, to canvas bags and drinking mugs. Not to mention our heavy-duty grandad top.