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Grand Prix Legends Casual Clothing

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McQueen Arran jumper - Wheat

McQueen Arran jumper - Wheat (ML014)

As we all know, Steve had a great sense of style.

He operated very much on a 'less is more' basis. When acting, he wasn't a fan of unnecessary dialogue, and when he dressed, he kept things simple too.

In the Thomas Crown Affair, he played a very diffe


Pure Silk Aviator scarf - White

Pure Silk Aviator scarf - White  (GPL1139)

This scarf is not only luxurious 100% raw silk but a little bit of history. Traditionally worn by the Ton Up Boys during the cafe racer era in the sixties and oozing vintage sophistication, it is the perfect finishing accessory, on and off the bike. Suite


Bullitt chukka suede boots - tan

Bullitt chukka suede boots - tan (GPL953)

Steve was a fan of the basic chukka or desert boot. There are hundreds of shorts of him wearing them in his own time. Nobody really knows where he bought his desert boots, but there are many out there who believe he favoured Clark's classic design.


The Great Escape Captain Hilts A2 Leather jacket

The Great Escape Captain Hilts A2 Leather jacket (GPL741)

It is difficult to be definitive about the jacket that McQueen wore in the film, and experts on WWII uniforms and military wear still disagree on some of the finer points. Clearly, the jacket was an A2; thats not in dispute and those who know about.


Shawl neck cardigan

Shawl neck cardigan (GPL928)

Now this is a very special piece that we are incredibly proud of and very excited about. If you're a McQueen fan, you'll probably know that this style of cardigan was a favourite of the big man.


Authentic Great Escape sweat top

Authentic Great Escape sweat top  (GPL850)

This 'Great Escape' sweat top is a really cool piece! A totally accurate replica of the sweat worn by Steve McQueen in every scene of The Great Escape including, of course, his ill-fated jump scene.


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McQueen shawl neck cardigan brown

McQueen shawl neck cardigan brown (GPL942)

McQueen, it is clear, had a predilection for the shawl-neck cardigan. This is clear from the large number of photographs that appear of him wearing one. Maybe he had a favourite brand or retailer because, even though he wore these cardigans in an array.

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Steve McQueen Elsinore riding jersey orange/black

Steve McQueen Elsinore riding jersey orange/black (GPL865)

This is a particularly famous top. McQueen was a frequent competitor at the famous Elsinore Grand Prix that was featured in the seminal movie: On Any Sunday. This shirt is one that McQueen could have acquired on one of his many visits.

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On Any Sunday long sleeved polo

On Any Sunday long sleeved polo (GPL929)

Any self respecting, McQueen fan will know about, and probably have watched, the seminal bike movie, On Any Sunday. The compilation is not all about McQueen.

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Frank Bullitt holster rollneck

Frank Bullitt holster rollneck (GPL859)

This Frank Bullitt holster rollneck is a great replica from the movie Bullitt and is just like the one worn by McQueen in the role of Lieutenant Frank Bullitt, a San Francisco cop charged with keeping a key witness in a Mafia criminal trial safe.

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