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Motocourse 2016-2017

Motocourse 2016-2017 (BK5279)

Now in its 41st year, Motocourse continues to go from strength to strength as the fortunes of MotoGP continue to flourish. M. Scott, hardback, 296pp, 31 x 23cm


2017 Rachael Clegg Isle Of Man TT Calendar

2017 Rachael Clegg Isle Of Man TT Calendar (BK5277)

Naughty but rather nice Rachael Clegg has been strutting her stuff again, albeit this time for the 2016 Isle of Man TT. Measures: 42 x 42cm


2017 Ace Classics Triumph Calendar

2017 Ace Classics Triumph Calendar (BK5276)

Every year our friends at Ace Classics put out a beautifully shot calendar that features the most interesting Triumphs they have come across in the preivous 12 months. Measures: 42 x 30cm


2017 Moto GP Calendar

2017 Moto GP Calendar (BK5275)

This is the official 2017 Moto GP calendar, and it features dramatic action shots from all the riders on the grid. Measures: 30 x 30cm


2017 Motocourse GP & Superbike Calendar

2017 Motocourse GP & Superbike Calendar (BK5274)

The Motocourse Grand Prix & Superbike calendar contains images taken during 2016 of the major players competing in the MotoGP and World Superbike World Championships. Measures: 30 x 40cm


Marc Marquez Born To Win

Marc Marquez Born To Win (BK5147)

Marquez exploded onto the MotoGP scene in 2013, winning the title in his first season, and proving unstoppable in 2014. This book uses hundreds of fantastic action photos to tell the story of his racing career, from fresh-faced newcomer on 125s, to taking


Off Road Giants Vol 3

Off Road Giants Vol 3 (BK5141)

This is the third volume in the series celebrating off-road motorcycling's golden era. It features interviews with 16 riders from the period, talking about their careers and experiences in international trials and scrambling in the 1960s. With stars like


Seeing Red 2014 book

Seeing Red 2014 book (BK5125)

Seeing Red 2014 is the tenth volume in the series of British Superbike Reviews following all the action from the opening round to the thrilling conclusion of The Showdown.


Moto GP: Yesterday and Today

Moto GP: Yesterday and Today (BK4316)

Well known racing author Michael Scott compares todays high pressure,big business world of MotoGP with its somewhat gentler past. Using pairsof photographs from then and now, he contrasts all aspects of top levelbike racing.


Unseen McQueen

Unseen McQueen (BK4277)

Award-winning photographer Barry Feinstein is remembered for his compelling images of the entertainment industrys greatest stars. As Dave Brolan writes in his introduction to this stunning volume, Barry was a brilliant documentary photographer with the eye of a fine artist.


Queen of Vintage Vol 2: Meow Featuring Kathleen Schaafs Curated Vintage Collection

Queen of Vintage Vol 2: Meow Featuring Kathleen Schaafs Curated Vintage Collection (BK4136)

Vintage clothing guru Rin Tanaka writes: I am very honoured to select Miss Kathleen Schaaf as the Queen of Vintage for my Inspiration 2011. Her top-quality vintage collections not only include mens, womens and kids fashions.


My Freedamn! 9 Featuring 1970s Freak-Out Fashions from Hippies to Punks!

My Freedamn! 9 Featuring 1970s Freak-Out Fashions from Hippies to Punks! (BK4135)

Rin Tanakas latest self-published volume features the best of 1970s rock fashion from across the globe. It includes over 800 examples of beautifully photographed vintage clothing presented over 200 pages, and Tanaka presents this collection.


My Freedamn! 8 1960s Pop Fashions

My Freedamn! 8 1960s Pop Fashions (BK4134)

My Freedamn! 8 continues Rin Tanakas self-published series of books featuring vintage clothing. In this volume he moves on from 1950s fashions of Freedamn! 5-7, and focuses on 1960s American pop fashions. Included are beautifully photographed collections


My Freedamn! Seven Vintage Beach Fashions

My Freedamn! Seven Vintage Beach Fashions (BK4133)

My Freedamn! 7 is Rin Tanakas book dedicated to vintage beach fashions and Aloha shirts. He looks at the history of the Hawaiian and Californian beach wear popular in America in the 1930s-1950s, and photographs many rare examples.


My Freedamn! 10 Featuring 1980s New Wave Fashions

My Freedamn! 10 Featuring 1980s New Wave Fashions (BK4138)

My Freedamn! 10 is the biggest in Rin Tanakas self-published series so far, with over a thousand rare vintage items presented in 353 full colour pages. Featuring 1980s new wave fashions, it focuses on New Wave & Hardcore punk street fashions.


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