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Macna Gloves


Like most motorcycle protective wear manufacturers, Macna produces a range of gloves of various descriptions. We offer a few styles but the gloves we are most excited about, the Pile and the Warp are a bit different. And that is because, like Rukka’s top of the range jackets, these gloves achieve their waterproofing though a membrane that is laminated directly onto the inner side of the outer fabric. This system means that the rain doesn’t get absorbed by the leather and textile materials that make up the exterior of the glove. In theory, therefore, these should be the most waterproof gloves on the market. We’ve tried them out, and they seem to work very well.

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Special Offer
Macna Outlaw Gloves - Black/Brown

Macna Outlaw Gloves - Black/Brown (MAC018)

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Macna Warp Outdry Gloves - Black

Macna Warp Outdry Gloves - Black (MAC019)

Now £41.99 Was £59.99

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Macna Pike Outdry Gloves - Black

Macna Pike Outdry Gloves - Black (MAC020)

Now £76.99 Was £109.99

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