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Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Leather is the traditional material from which motorcycle gloves have always been made, and of course leather has many advantages. Leather is comfortable, but it is thin so it gives great feel on the controls. Leather is also strong, so it provide abrasion resistance if you come off the bike. Leather gloves come in all shapes and sizes. All racing gloves are leather, and so are many gloves designed for touring and commuting. Some leather gloves are lined for warmth; others are totally unlined, so are perfect for riding in the summer, and when it is hot. The weakness of leather is its inherent sponge-like qualities. And so, in the rain, a leather glove will absorb water. Eventually, even if there’s a waterproof membrane in the glove, this will find its ways through to the skin, making you feel wet and, in certain conditions, cold. So, most motorcyclists will need more than one pair of gloves, and if you ride a lot in the rain, you should consider acquiring a textile glove with a waterproof membrane.

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Spidi Garage Glove

Spidi Garage Glove (SPD1068)


Spidi Garage Glove

Spidi Garage Glove (SPD1067)


Furygan Tom D3O GR Glove

Furygan Tom D3O GR Glove (FGN684)


Halvarssons Orbit Glove

Halvarssons Orbit Glove (HAL690)


Halvarssons Logan Glove

Halvarssons Logan Glove (HAL692)


Halvarssons Aerate Glove

Halvarssons Aerate Glove (HAL691)


Shima Caliber Glove

Shima Caliber Glove  (SHI001)


Lee Parks Summer Glove

Lee Parks Summer Glove  (ML013)


78 Speed Glove

78 Speed Glove (ML008)


78 Sprint Glove

78 Sprint Glove (ML010)


Roland Sands Barfly Glove

Roland Sands Barfly Glove (RSD046)


Helstons Legends Summer Glove
Eska Torus Glove

Eska Torus Glove (ESK005)


Roland Sands Ronin Glove

Roland Sands Ronin Glove  (RSD056)


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