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Flip Front Helmets

Not everybody loves flip-lid helmets; some people associate such helmets with the police and a certain kind of BMW rider, but frankly these people need to get over themselves. We at Motolegends are big flip-lid fans, and we think they represent the best of all worlds. First, a flip-lid helmet is quieter than a full-face helmet, as the neck-roll can fit closer to the neck, and this is because a flip-lid can be slid into place from the back of the head, rather than having to pass over the widest part of the skull! The Schuberth C3 Pro is the quietest helmet on the market, as proof of this. When a modern flip-lid is closed, it is pretty much indistinguishable from a full-face helmet, but when you’re in town, the front can be lifted to create a much better airflow. It’s also useful if you want to ask somebody for directions. So we can't really see the downside of a flip-lid.

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