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Open Face Helmets

Whilst an open-face helmet is great fun when the sun is out, and you’re pottering about, for any serious riding you will probably want a full-face helmet. First, of course, a full-face helmet, with its integrated chin-bar, is much safer. There are plenty of photographs on Google of motorcyclists who have had an accident whilst wearing an open-face helmet, and they’re not pretty! There are many kinds of full-face helmet. Race style helmets will have vents, spoilers and, frequently, lairy graphics. Race helmets, though, were not designed for the road, and are often noisy. Arai is a famous brand in the race market. In common with many other race helmets, no Arai full-face lid has a drop-down sun visor, a very useful convenience for road riding. Some full-face helmets are designed specifically for touring and commuting. Others have more of an adventure riding feel. These helmets will often have a longer nose and larger visor area, and can sometimes be worn with goggles.

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Harisson Corsair Helmet

Harisson Corsair Helmet (CHA028)


Bell Custom 500 RSD Helmet

Bell Custom 500 RSD Helmet (RFX018)


Shoei JO Hawker Tc-5 Helmet

Shoei JO Hawker Tc-5 Helmet (SHE007)


Shoei JO Helmet

Shoei JO Helmet (SHE005)


Momo Avio Pro Helmet

Momo Avio Pro Helmet (MOM001)


Arai Freeway Classic Helmet

Arai Freeway Classic Helmet (ARA202)


Shark Streetfighter Drak Helmet
Shark Streetfighter Drak Helmet
Shark Streetfighter Drak Helmet
Schuberth M1 Helmet

Schuberth M1 Helmet (HMT618)


Shark Streetfighter Drak Helmet

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