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Macna Jackets


Macna is a Dutch maker, and what impresses us most is their desire to make products that are different to those found from most mainstream brands. We started our relationship with Macna by offering their camo inspired jackets, but we are committed to increasing our commitment to the brand as we have become increasingly impressed by the company's technical innovation. The brand may not be particularly well known in the UK, but their jackets are thoughtfully designed, with some very nice detailed touches. They are also very well put together.

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Macna Dry Cooling Vest

Macna Dry Cooling Vest (MAC022)


Special Offer
Macna Hot Vest

Macna Hot Vest (MAC024)

Now £66.49 Was £94.99

Special Offer
Macna Ventura Jacket

Macna Ventura Jacket (MAC023)

Now £272.99 Was £389.99

Special Offer
Macna Clash Jacket

Macna Clash Jacket (MAC016)

Now £104.99 Was £229.99

Special Offer
Macna Vision 4 All Plus Vest

Macna Vision 4 All Plus Vest (MAC021)

Now £41.99 Was £59.99

Special Offer
Macna Redox Jacket Dark

Macna Redox Jacket Dark (MAC001)

Now £174.99 Was £249.99

Special Offer
Macna Redox Jacket Grey

Macna Redox Jacket Grey (MAC002)

Now £174.99 Was £249.99

Special Offer
Macna Command+ Jacket

Macna Command+ Jacket (MAC003)

Now £118.99 Was £169.99

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