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Men's Leather Motorcycle Jackets

You can't be a motorcyclist without owning a leather biking jacket. The leather motorcycle jacket, as we know it, was invented by Schott in New York in the 1920s; since then, it has never been out of fashion. The main benefits of leather in a biking jacket are that it is comfortable to wear and that it offers good protection should you fall off. Leather softens with use, and gets easier to wear as the years go by. These days, there are textile jackets that are much more abrasion resistant than leather jackets, but they don't always look as cool as a leather jacket. But leather is not such a good material as an outer fabric when it comes to staying warm and dry. Leather has no thermal properties, so an unlined leather jacket won't keep you warm in the winter. But perhaps the single greatest weakness of leather is the way that it soaks up moisture. This means that, if it rains, a leather jacket is pretty useless.
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Halvarssons Seventy Jacket

Halvarssons Seventy Jacket (HAL632)


Helstons Ace Vintage Jacket

Helstons Ace Vintage Jacket (HLS003)


Roland Sands Clash Jacket

Roland Sands Clash Jacket (RSD054)


Roland Sands Clash Jacket

Roland Sands Clash Jacket (RSD055)


Roland Sands Ronin Jacket

Roland Sands Ronin Jacket (RSD025)


Spidi Tank Jacket

Spidi Tank Jacket (SPD1000)


Rokker Street Jacket

Rokker Street Jacket (ROK027)


Helstons Track Jacket

Helstons Track Jacket (HLS208)


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