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Rukka Motorcycle Trousers


Rukka is the Rolls Royce of motorcycle clothing manufacturers; their trousers and their jackets are ultra high performance, and are designed for the motorcyclist who puts in high mileages, and who rides throughout the year whatever the conditions. Most of Rukka's motorcycle trousers have a laminated construction, where the waterproof membrane is bonded to the trousers' inner and outer layers? This delivers the ultimate in waterproofing, and prevents the pants from ever "wetting out". One downside of laminated garments is the price, as only Gore-Tex does laminating well, and the manufacturing is exceedingly complex. The other downside is that laminated garments tend to be rather stiff, so they are not always the most comfortable to wear.  Rukka does, however, also produce some trousers with a traditional drop-liner, and these avoid the downsides of the laminated method of construction.

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Rukka Katuh Trouser

Rukka Katuh Trouser (RUK1057)


Rukka Nivala Trouser

Rukka Nivala Trouser (RUK1051)


Rukka Orivesi Trouser

Rukka Orivesi Trouser (RUK1053)


Rukka Armaxion Trouser

Rukka Armaxion Trouser (RUK998)


Rukka Katuh Ladies Trouser

Rukka Katuh Ladies Trouser (RUK1058)


Rukka Ladies Suki Trouser

Rukka Ladies Suki Trouser (RUK1041)


Rukka Navigator Trouser

Rukka Navigator Trouser (RUK1043)


Rukka Orivesi Trouser

Rukka Orivesi Trouser (RUK1055)


Rukka Kalix Trouser

Rukka Kalix Trouser (RUK1060)


Rukka 4air Gore-Tex Trouser

Rukka 4air Gore-Tex Trouser (RUK1063)


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Rukka Cosmic Trouser

Rukka Cosmic Trouser (RUK017)

Now £399.99 Was £649.99

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Rukka Ladies Fuel Trouser

Rukka Ladies Fuel Trouser (RUK1018)

Now £199.99 Was £359.99

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Rukka Fuel Trouser

Rukka Fuel Trouser (RUK1021)

Now £224.99 Was £359.99

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Rukka Armas Trouser

Rukka Armas Trouser (RUK963)

Now £399.99 Was £689.99

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