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D3O Ghost Velcro® armour knees & hips pack


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D3O Ghost Velcro® armour knees & hips pack
D3O Ghost Velcro® armour knees & hips packAlternative Image1
D3O Ghost Velcro® armour knees & hips packAlternative Image2
D3O Ghost Velcro® armour knees & hips packAlternative Image3

This is an item that does not currently sit on the shelf in one of our warehouses.

However, we order goods from all our suppliers on a daily basis and we would expect this item to arrive with us within a few days.

If there is a delay of any sort we will phone or email you to let you know the expected timeframe.

D3O Ghost Velcro® armour knees & hips pack Product Information

D3O's Ghost armour was introduced into the company's range of protectors at the beginning of 2020. It works on the same basis as standard D3O armour, with a non-Newtonian fluid at the heart of its structure. Like all D3O armour it is highly flexible, and becomes more so as it absorbs the body's heat. But it hardens on impact. Ghost armour is particularly thin, however. It still meets the EN 16121 standard at Level 1, but because it is so light and flexible it is even more comfortable to wear than standard D3O protection. This armour with Velcro® has been designed so that, in most instances, it will fit directly into the pockets that took the old ‘shaped’ D3O shoulder & elbow protectors.

Please note, that both codes on our website, GST008 and also this GST009 are identical, but we market them separately just for clarity. For both packs you will still purchase a 4-piece set of armour, i.e. 2 knees and 2 hips 2 OR 2 elbows and 2 shoulders.



  • CE certified to EN 1621-1:2012, Level 1, for ambient and wet conditions
  • Superior breathability and low-profile design
  • Total flexibility, with geometry that fits perfectly against the body
  • Simple integration into existing knee and hip pockets
  • No ‘read through’ of the protector on denim. Wear black side out
  • With Velcro® strips added to hold the armour in place inside the pocket

Product Reviews


Sam: Ghost replacements for Hood cargo trousers

I bought this ghost armour to replace the CE1 D30 moulded padding in my Hood cargo trousers. The previous padding is quite thick which makes the thigh area tight and although the knee sections fitted perfectly when riding, cupping the knee, when walking around in the trousers the pads sat under the knees and felt bulky and awkward. The new ghost armour is amazingly light and flexible. The hip pads are fantastic and I forget they are even there but Im not convinced about the knee pads as they seem to ride up even higher than the old knee pads and the fit seems different every ride. They dont cup the knees like the old pads did. I do still like them as it feels like there is nothing there, especially when walking around, but I don't feel as confident with them as with the previous shaped pads which I could feel were in the correct place everytime. I also tried the pads out in my leather jacket pad pockets, again replacing CE1 D30, but they didnt seem to stay in position without the shape and the elbow pad kept sliding around my arm to the bottom. If I could speak to the design team to improve them I would just add some minor shaping to the knee pad which might help it sit correctly when put in place while keeping it almost as flexible.

Kamil: stunning ghost

armour is absolutely comfortable.

Nicholas: Great, but ...

I bought these to go in my Rokker cargo pants. The hip armour doesnt fit at all, so I repurposed them as elbow pads in my Rokker jacket, where they seem to be fine. The knee pads, when in the right place, are fantastic. They are rarely in the right place though and I have yet to sort out a way of keeping them in position. I think Ill have to get the needle and thread out to sew in a retaining loop. However, a big improvement in comfort and line, when fitted well.

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