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Shawl neck cardigan XXL

Shawl neck cardigan XXL (GPL9285XXL)

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Now this is a very special piece that we are incredibly proud of and very excited about.

If youre a McQueen fan, youll probably know that this style of cardigan was a favourite of the big man. There are hundreds of different photographs showing him wearing one, although he clearly owned quite a few as some were plain, some were patterned and so on.

This particular one that we have had made for us by a traditional English woollen mill is a very close replica of the one worn by Steve in the William Claxton book.

There are some great photographs of Steve wearing it on a picnic with his wife Neile Adams in Carmel in 1964.

He also wore it on a famous road trip that he took with his wife, William Claxton and Claxs wife Peggy.

Steve drove his Ferrari 250 Lusso and Claxton drove his new Porsche 356SC. They did a big tour of California. It was meant to be a relaxed trip but, of course, Steve delighted in scaring everybody in his 150mph car.

Again in the Claxton book, there are pictures of Steve wearing his cardigan in the car and generally fooling about on what was clearly a fun few days off.

The making of our shawl neck

We went to a huge amount of effort to get this cardigan as close to Steves original as we could.

In fact, it took us a year and dozens of samples before we were satisfied that we had got it dead right.

We think the end result is quite spectacular. Weve got the colour bang on, the correct knit patterning, which changes throughout the garment, the proper leather football buttons, the same pockets, the identical roll back cuffs and so on.

The bottom line is that we dont think its possible to get closer to the original than we have done. And we didnt scrimp when it came to the yarn either.

We rejected standard wool and went for Merino for its elasticity and softness. But there is a problem with pure Merino for its very delicate and not easy to wash.

Which is why we eventually went for a Merino and Acrylic mix. Our decision had nothing to do with price. In fact, 100% Merino increased the price very little, but we decided that the garment had to be useable and pure Merino is just too demanding and delicate.

So there we are. The shawl neck cardigan is one of Steves most iconic and recognisable leisure pieces and we think we really have done it justice.

Just for information, its meant to be worn over little more than a plain white T-shirt. Match it with a pair of brown desert boots and cream chinos and youre there!


mitchell jackson: KING OF COOL CARDIGAN


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