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TomTom Motorcycle Satnavs


Tom Tom is a Dutch company founded in 1991 by Peter-Frans Pauwels and three other partners. With headquarters in Amsterdam, the company now employs more than 40 000 people around the world, and although in the motorcycle world they are best known for their satellite navigation devices, they also produce action cameras and sports watches that sell in over 40 countries. Tom Tom’s Rider 400 system is  the most sophisticated motorcycle sat-nav system on the market. Its capabilities are probably well beyond those of most of its users!

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TomTom Rider 550 Premium

TomTom Rider 550 Premium (TOM018)


TomTom Rider 550 World

TomTom Rider 550 World (TOM017)


TomTom Semi Hard Carry Case

TomTom Semi Hard Carry Case (TOM012)


TomTom Rider Battery Cable

TomTom Rider Battery Cable (TOM011)


TomTom Rider 450 World

TomTom Rider 450 World (TOM015)


Tomtom Rider Bike Dock

Tomtom Rider Bike Dock (TOM007)


Tomtom Rider Car Mount

Tomtom Rider Car Mount (TOM005)


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