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Helstons Boots


Helstons is a prestigious French maker of motorcycle protective wear. They have been producing leather jackets, gloves and boots since the 1970s, when they were a direct competitor of Lewis Leathers in London. We are huge fans of Helstons, and for those wanting a classic or vintage look, the company's products are hard to beat. We love Helstons' leather jackets and gloves, but their boots are simply exquisite. Their speciality is the short boot, and they produce the kind of boot that can be worn with, say, a chino trouser into the office, where they will be comfortable the entire day. Their brogue boots are particularly smart, and will look totally at home in the most stylish of establishments. Yet all Helstons' motorcycle boots are proper biking boots. They are equipped with ankle, toe and heel protectors, and waterproof membranes. They also have a strong shank in the sole for added stiffness, and side zips for easy entry. Helstons' boots really are the last word when it comes to riding in style.

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Helstons Basket C5 Tan boots

Helstons Basket C5 Tan boots (HLS234)


Helstons Basket C5 Brown boots

Helstons Basket C5 Brown boots (HLS233)


Helstons Basket C5 Black boots

Helstons Basket C5 Black boots (HLS232)


Helstons Travel Brown boots

Helstons Travel Brown boots (HLS090)


Helstons Travel Black boots

Helstons Travel Black boots (HLS089)


Helstons Travel Tan boots

Helstons Travel Tan boots (HLS088)


Helstons Grace Tan Leather boots

Helstons Grace Tan Leather boots (HLS230)

Now £139.99 Was £219.99

Helstons Grace Black Leather boots

Helstons Grace Black Leather boots (HLS228)

Now £139.99 Was £219.99

Helstons Trail Tan Leather boots

Helstons Trail Tan Leather boots (HLS222)

Now £149.99 Was £229.99

Helstons Trail Black Leather boots

Helstons Trail Black Leather boots (HLS221)

Now £149.99 Was £229.99

Helstons Trail Brown Leather boots

Helstons Trail Brown Leather boots (HLS220)

Now £149.99 Was £229.99

Helstons City Brown boots

Helstons City Brown boots (HLS087)

Now £99.00 Was £219.00

Helstons Basket C4 Tan boots

Helstons Basket C4 Tan boots (HLS083)

Now £99.00 Was £159.00

Helstons Basket C4 Brown boots

Helstons Basket C4 Brown boots (HLS082)

Now £99.00 Was £159.00

Helstons Basket C4 Black boots

Helstons Basket C4 Black boots (HLS081)

Now £99.00 Was £159.00

Helstons Basket C4 Brown boots

Helstons Basket C4 Brown boots (HLS084)

Now £99.00 Was £149.00

Helstons Challenge 60 Black boots

Helstons Challenge 60 Black boots (HLS051)

Now £129.99 Was £299.99

Helstons Smith Black boots

Helstons Smith Black boots (HLS009)

Now £99.99 Was £199.99

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