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Halvarssons Gloves


Halvarssons is a very serious maker of high quality, technical motorcycle clothing. Their attention to detail is second to none, and the company's after-sales service is unmatched. Halvarssons started out making leather gloves; and indeed their home town of Malung in Sweden is a well-known for its tannery and expertise in leather products. Halvarssons has actually been making in leather for almost a hundred years. Their gloves are beautifully soft and extremely comfortable to wear. But this is a company that is obsessed by safety and so, whether you are looking for a textile or a leather glove, you can be assured that your pinkies are in safe hands. Halvarssons uses all the very best technologies and membranes, like Outlast, Thinsulate, Dryway Plus and so on. But Halvarssons has also developed its own, very effective, anti-abrasion backing material called Hi-Art that increases the strength of leather by 200%, and the strength of textiles by 500%. This may explain why many Police forces choose Halvarssons for their gloves.

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Halvarssons Bexter gloves in black

Halvarssons Bexter gloves in black (HAL658)

Now £74.00 Was £99.00

Halvarssons Oxid gloves in black

Halvarssons Oxid gloves in black (HAL656)

Now £89.00 Was £139.00

Halvarssons Escape gloves in black

Halvarssons Escape gloves in black (HAL543)

Now £79.00 Was £119.00

Halvarssons ladies Escape gloves in black

Halvarssons ladies Escape gloves in black (HAL542)

Now £79.00 Was £114.00

Halvarssons Cave gloves in black

Halvarssons Cave gloves in black (HAL551)

Now £29.00 Was £44.00

Halvarssons ladies Cave gloves in black

Halvarssons ladies Cave gloves in black (HAL550)

Now £29.00 Was £44.00

Halvarssons Origo gloves in black

Halvarssons Origo gloves in black (HAL264)

Now £49.00 Was £69.00

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