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Icon Gloves


Icon is an American brand of motorcycle protective wear. Icon's style is quite aggressive, with what might be termed a "streetfighter" look. As a result, the company produces gloves that stand out from the crowd, and which often don't look like those be found from other manufacturers. They produce gloves in textile as well as leather, but we tend to the view that Icon is stronger when it comes to leather. Their gloves have a good fit that seems to accommodate most hands. They are also very robust and well put together. In our view, however, Icon makes gloves largely for summer riding. They look great, come in a terrific range of colours, and are easy to wear. But they are not necessarily what you would choose for commuting or long distance touring. We're thinking more summer evenings and weekend jaunts.

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Icon Axys Black/Tan gloves

Icon Axys Black/Tan gloves (ICO064)


Icon Timax Short gloves Black

Icon Timax Short gloves Black (ICO059)


Icon Retrograde gloves

Icon Retrograde gloves (ICO053)


Icon Patrol gloves

Icon Patrol gloves (ICO047)


Icon Prep gloves

Icon Prep gloves (ICO021)

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Icon Rimfire gloves

Icon Rimfire gloves (ICO031)


Icon Superduty 2 gloves

Icon Superduty 2 gloves (ICO012)


Icon Superduty 2 gloves

Icon Superduty 2 gloves (ICO011)


Icon Retrograde gloves

Icon Retrograde gloves (ICO052)


Icon Hypersport Pro Short gloves

Icon Hypersport Pro Short gloves (ICO046)

Now £64.99 Was £109.99

Icon Citadel Waterproof gloves

Icon Citadel Waterproof gloves (ICO006)

Now £44.99 Was £89.99

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