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Roland Sands Gloves


Roland is quite simply the coolest guy in motorcycling. He's a former racer who builds exquisite custom bikes. He's a consultant to many of the manufacturers, and he has created an ineffably cool range of clothing. His leather and wax cotton jackets have a cult following but, in many ways , it's his gloves that really stand out. It must really upset Roland but, at the time of writing, there are no less than six different manufacturers who have effectively 'ripped' off and copied his 'Dezel' glove. Suffice it to say, however , that Roland's gloves are the real deal, with designs and colourways that make them highly distinctive. But, being from California, Roland Sands doesn't make gloves for the rain or the cold. They are for fair weather riding, and for posing on your prized machine. It's no wonder, perhaps, that David Beckham chose to wear them when he headed up the Amazon on his Bonneville.

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