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Textile Gloves


As with a motorcycle jacket, a textile motorcycle glove may be your best choice if staying warm and staying dry are primary concerns. Leather gloves feel great. They are comfortable to wear, and become more so over time. They also give great feel at the controls. But leather has little by way of thermal properties and, when it rains, leather will soak up water like a sponge. Textile gloves are, to a degree, water resistant and, if they’re backed with a good quality waterproof membrane, they offer the best chance of staying dry on the bike. As far as staying warm is concerned, both textile and leather gloves can come with thermal linings, but because a textile glove will do a better job of keeping water out, it will also be better at keeping you warm. A very common combination is to have a textile upper on the glove to keep your hands dry, but a leather palm to give a better feel on the handlebars.

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Rukka Forsair gloves

Rukka Forsair gloves (RUK1064)


Spidi H2Out Globetracker gloves

Spidi H2Out Globetracker gloves (SPD1078)


Racer Carbon II gloves

Racer Carbon II gloves (RCR965)


Rukka GTX 3 Chamb gloves

Rukka GTX 3 Chamb gloves (RUK1074)


Five RS4 gloves

Five RS4 gloves (FIV025)


Five Stunt Evo Army gloves

Five Stunt Evo Army gloves (FIV017)


Stadler Activ Gore-Tex gloves

Stadler Activ Gore-Tex gloves (STD003)


Rukka Hero gloves

Rukka Hero gloves (RUK1066)


Furygan Blazer gloves

Furygan Blazer gloves (FGN678)


Halvarssons Bexter gloves

Halvarssons Bexter gloves (HAL658)


Halvarssons Oxid gloves

Halvarssons Oxid gloves (HAL656)


Rukka Harros gloves

Rukka Harros gloves (RUK1036)


Icon Patrol gloves

Icon Patrol gloves (ICO047)


Rukka 3Finger gloves

Rukka 3Finger gloves (RUK1002)


Halvarssons Silk undergloves

Halvarssons Silk undergloves (HAL501)


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