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Halvarssons Walkyr jacket in black
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Halvarssons Walkyr jacket in black (HAL703)


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Product Information

The Walkyr jacket in black is a pretty amazing jacket from Halvarssons. The Walkyr jacket has the comfort of a typical Halvarssons jacket and, most amazingly, its priced like a typical Halvarssons jacket. But the Walkyr is actually constructed from a two-layer laminate material. N.B This jacket was formally called the Halvarssons Wolf jacket.

Now, these days, most serious motorcyclists know the difference between a drop-liner Jacket and a laminated jacket but, for those who don't, here's a quick synopsis. A drop-liner jacket has a separate waterproof membrane that is suspended inside the outer layer. 99% of waterproof jackets and pants are constructed in this way as well. And the method works. But in persistent and prolonged rain, the outer material will eventually 'wet-out'. The jacket will become heavy, and because there's so much rain water absorbed by the outer material, the rider can become cold, and eventually wet.

For most riders, such conditions are quite rare. The other issue with a drop-liner garment is how long it takes for them to dry out. This is a problem for those who commute for, say, more than an hour into work because it means that in the evening when it's time to ride home, the suit might well still be wet. This is not very nice.

The other method of construction for textile motorcycle apparel is to use what is known as a laminated fabric, where the waterproof membrane is heat-sealed, on the inner side, directly on to the outer material. Because water cannot be so easily absorbed, the jacket will be more waterproof, and importantly it will dry out much more quickly; normally inside an hour. Now this is manna from heaven for commuters. But there are normally some downsides to laminated garments.

First, they're not always particularly comfortable because the fabric can be a little stiff. Second, they can be extraordinarily expensive; sometimes twice the price of the equivalent drop-liner product. But this is where Halvarssons really has re-written the rule book. First because the Walkyr is incredibly comfortable. There's virtually no stiffness to the material. It simply doesn't feel like a laminated jacket. The second shocker is the price!

On the outside of the jacket there is a supremely durable Teflon water repellant. For abrasion resistance, the jacket is lined in all the key vulnerable areas with Halvarssons' Hi-Art lining that increases the strength of the outer material by 500%. For thermal protection, the Walkyr has a removable Outlast lining backed with Thinsulate; this is the same as in the Prime and Prince. Obviously, there's CE approved armour in the elbows, shoulders, and this is Level 2 armour. There's a pocket for a back protector. There's good venting on the front of the jacket, and an open vent on the back to allow air to exhaust out of the jacket.

The top can be attached to a trouser. There are waist and sleeve adjusters on the jacket. There are numerous reflectors all over and, as with the Prime and Prince, you get a removable hi-vis vest. We really cannot stress too much just how amazing this package is. For a more detailed size chart, please see here.

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  • Textile 2 layer
  • Teflon coated
  • HI-ART reinforced
  • Dryway+ laminated membrane
  • Outlast temperature regulating, removable liner with Thinsulate
  • Adjustable CE-approved armour Level 2
  • Can be complemented with our CE-approved back protector SECURE L2 (see here for our recommendation)
  • Ventilation, expanded system with open yoke at the back, contributing to increased circulation
  • Attachable to pants
  • Adjustable jacket & sleeve width
  • Reflectors
  • Removable hi-vis vest


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Pete Brothwell: A fantastic jacket!

I bought the Wolf jacket to replace my 10-year old Rukka one, which although still waterproof was beginning to show its age. I'd read all about laminated suits and their advantages over drop-liner ones, but was put off by their expense - then I spotted the price of the Wolf, some 50% cheaper than the competition! OK, it doesn't have Goretex, but Goretex isn't the only quality membrane out there, although you'd think it was if you believe all you read and hear! Anyway, I've used the jacket a couple of times recently and have been blown away by its efficiency. To say its so light compared to my old Rukka is an understatement - I reckon 50% lighter - and I was convinced it couldn't be warm enough in cold weather just because of that. Nope....the Wolf is much....much!....warmer, unbelievably so. Its also much comfier, the material is soft and flexible from the outset, no breaking-in required at all. I got caught out in some heavy rain too, not for long, only about 15 minutes of it, but I could see the water beading off the jacket and, on getting home, it didn't even feel wet, whereas my Rukka would have needed at least a couple of hours drying in a warm room. I've no doubt that the Wolf will meet expectations if (when!) I'm out in rain for a longer period. I'm over the moon with this purchase, so much so that I've just bought the matching trousers. Full marks to Motolegends too for their excellent service!

Mark Brooker: Just as good for half the cost

I have had nothing but praise for my previous Rukka kit, bought for a trip of a lifetime to NZ and still going strong after 13 years. After re proofing there was a loss in water run off but nothing too bad, with not a stich out of place. It was heavy kit, hot when hot and cold when cold, although to be honest not bad for the majority of UK weather. After a European tour at 35C plus last year I was considering replacing the kit for this year and then up pops the Wolf jacket (as was called for 5 minutes?) in the Motolegends Spring issue. I ordered my normal chest size (and inside leg and waste, as I ordered the trousers too) and can only concur the previous review, far lighter than my previous jacket, although there are now lighter Rukka jackets I imagine, cooler, better venting etc. First experience of Outlast, so keeping the liner in at +20C odd at first but all-day comfort. Can’t comment on cold temperatures or prolonged riding in the rain yet. About the only negative I kind find so far is the braces are clipped on, rather than the better button braces on the Rukka trousers. Will it last 13 years, I hope so, however I also know I can replace my jacket and trousers, buy a new top spec helmet and protective jeans for the cost of the equivalent Rukka kit. Very happy so far. 4* as yet to get wet.

Hylton Leigh: Very Good - Sizing a bit snug

Very good Jacket - and Service from MotoLegend. Ordered last Tuesday - dispatched Wednesday - arrived in Oz on Friday PM - DHL - Delivered Sunday ! Great DHL Service ! Coming from a 14 y/o Rukka - not sure of model - and a Halvarrson Safety Jacket - both Size 56 - assumed same size in new Walkyr - a lot "snugger" on shoulders and upper arms - can be a bit of a dance to get Jacket off . I think the Outlast lining material is a lot more grippy than previous jackets -pulling arms out of sleeves it holds on to whatever layer underneath. Very comfortable - armour does "bed in" - initially I thought the shoulders were too small - but after wearing for around 1/2 hour - good fit. If I was in the UK I would have returned for one size up - but too much hassle - and expense from Australia . . I'm sure it will wear in just fine . .. Only other gripes are: 1 : Main front Pockets - zip tags VERY small - not very winter glove friendly - older jacket had little string and bead tags on zip pulls to make gloved access easier 2 : Front neck cross over flap - odd shape - or maybe it's me ? LOL ! maybe it will soften with use - I ride an FJR so pretty upright seating position - but I find when I fully close the flap in the correct position - digs into my neck . . 3 : Neck "hole" is ample - roomy even - buff or similar gap filler is required - especially in our winter temps . Not used in the rain yet - but I'm sure the DryWay+ will be good. Hope this helps someone make a decision ?

Gary Scott: Stunning Jacket - Great value

I bought a Wolf jacket and matching trousers after years of leathers and can't believe the difference. Great fit, 100% waterproof and multiple options for venting / temperature control. This has been worn in every weather over 13000 miles this year (I do an 800 mile round trip to Scotland twice a month) and remains snug, comfortable and dry. Only gripes are that care has to be taken to get the cuffs properly sealed over gloves and velcro on the trouser legs is a bit mean. Other than that outstanding.

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