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Schuberth C3 Basic helmet in white


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Schuberth C3 Basic helmet in white
Schuberth C3 Basic helmet in whiteAlternative Image1

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Schuberth C3 Basic helmet in white Product Information

The Schuberth C3 Basic is the original Schuberth’s C3 by another name. It was in 2013 that Schuberth decided to update its long-standing C3 helmet. The new, improved model was called the C3 Pro, and it would have to be admitted that the new iteration was an improvement. There were up to a dozen modifications. There was a new, more aerodynamic shell, a more comfortable lining, better venting, a new position for the chinstrap, an upgraded aerial, and so on. The new helmet was an evolution of its predecessor, but so popular had the C3 been that the UK importer decided to keep the helmet in their range. They reduced it to three, rather dull, colours. They took the Pinlock out of the box, and they reduced the price. Superseded as the C3 might have been, it was still, and indeed is still, a very impressive bit of kit, with nearly all of the features to be found on the Pro model. We’re talking about mult-point ventilation. Schuberth’s anti-roll off chin strap, a drop-down visor and so on. And don’t forget that, even today, the C3 Basic is still one of the quietest helmets on the market with a 60 mph decibel rating of just 84. The Basic was always a great helmet, and it was always great value. It still is. We have updated this description on the C3 Basic early in 2020 largely to make interested parties aware of the fact that the helmet has now technically been discontinued. No more will be produced. Already, some colours in some sizes are running very low. By the end of the first quarter of this year we expect supplies to be very limited. By the middle of the year we expect the helmet to have sold out virtually everywhere. But there’s one final point we wanted to make. The Basic does not, as we have explained, come with a Pinlock visor, but from now until the very last C3 Basic sells out, we are going to supply it with a top-of-the range Pinlock 120. And this is actually better than the lookalike Pinlock that comes as standard with the C3 Pro. Normally, this Pinlock sells for £30, bringing the price of the Basic, in effect, down to £270. Grab one our C3 Basics whilst you still can. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

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  • STRONG-Fibre shell reinforced with Durpolast matrix
  • Pinlock ready
  • Free 120 Pinlock included in the box
  • Tinted anti-fog, flip-down sun visor
  • Multi-point adjustable ventilation system
  • Coolmax removable the washable lining
  • Micro-lock rathet buckle
  • Dual point reflective safety pads
  • Anti-roll off system
  • Conforms to ECE 22-05
  • SRCS ready
  • 5 year warranty

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Size Chart

Schuberth Motorcycle Helmets. Please note: Sizes available are shown on the product page.

XS 52 - 53
S 54 - 55
M 56 - 57
L 58 - 59
XL 60 - 61
XXL 62-63
3XL 64 - 65

Product Reviews


Thomas Taylor: Ex Shoei wearer

My last two lids were by Shoei, most recently a Shoei Multitec. I love being able to open the lid. I had no issue with the multitech it's a great helmet. However the Schuberth C3 Basic is lighter, quieter, and has a faster to operate rachet type buckle. It's a great fit and the cheek pads don't make you bite your gums. I wear glasses and the lid accommodates them very well. I didn't go for the comms extra so can't comment on that. Very happy with the purchase. Would buy again. Delighted with the shopping experience and the excellent help and advise offered on size and selection. Great coffee and biscuits too. Thanks.

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