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Premier Helmets

The Premier helmet brand goes right back to the late 1950s. Like Bell, the company was originally based in California. Later, the business was acquired by a European consortium, and design and production moved to Italy. Over the years, a great number of racers have worn Premier helmets. Phil Read wore a Premier throughout his career. Franki Chili, Ruben Xaus, Marc Marquez and Troy Bayliss have also raced in Premiers. Today, the company makes a wide array of styles, but their forte is perhaps their retro inspired helmets. Their open-face Vintage Jet combines classic styling with modern features like a drop-down sun visor. But the company is even better known for the re-issue of its 1970s' full-face helmet called the Trophy. This is not a modern helmet made to look like a classic one; it is essentially an updated and slightly modernised re-issue of the original helmet worn by Phil Read et al..

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