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Motorcycle Visors

Replacement helmet visors are available for just about every brand of helmet on the market. And, of course, many people replace their visors because the want to ride with a tint, or an effect of some description. The better visors come equipped with the lugs that allow a Pinlock anti-fog shield to be fitted. A Pinlock inner visor is extremely effective at reducing misting and fogging. Visors have also become very popular as an accessory on an open-face helmet. Largely because they offer greater protection from the wind, rain and flies than a pair of goggles. There are many different styles of visor that offer different levels of protection. The bubble visor brings with it the benefit that rain runs off it more easily. The downside to some fixed visors is that they can mist up, but some can be raised on a hinge to stop this from happening.

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