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Halvarssons Luxor jacket in black/grey 50



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Halvarssons Luxor jacket in black/grey 50

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Halvarssons Luxor jacket in black/grey 50 Product Information

"The Luxor jacket form Halvarssons is made with a two-layer, laminated, waterproof membrane. Now we're going to assume that most people these days understand the difference between a laminated or bonded membrane and a drop-liner membrane. But, if you don't, the bottom line is that a laminated membrane works better. The garment will not absorb the rain, so the rider will stay drier for longer. Importantly, after heavy rain, a laminated product will dry much more quickly.

Historically, the problem has been that laminated garments have been uncomfortably stiff and horribly expensive. Halvarsson's new Dryway Plus laminated clothing, however, re-writes the book, as it is neither. In truth, their two-layer laminated feels little different to a drop liner product. If you didn't know their new laminated suits had a bonded membrane, you'd never realise.

Now Halvarssons would never publicly admit this, but their new Luxor jacket, which has been designed mainly for off-road use, is very much aimed at the kind of rider who might usually consider wearing Klim. Like a Klim suit, the Luxor has a bonded membrane for waterproofing. It also has large vents to allow excellent air flow in hot conditions, or for when the rider is working hard on the bike. Of course, because there's no drop-liner, air is going to flow into the jacket far better than it would through a vent in a traditional drop-liner garment. For extra waterproofing, the Luxor jacket has a Teflon waterproof coating. This is what is known as a Durable Water Repellant (DWR), and it is the first waterproof barrier on any garment. It is what causes water to pool, and run off. Now almost all waterproof biking garments are treated with a DWR, but Teflon is probably the best DWR out there.

One thing that the Luxor jacket has that many off-road garments don't have is an anti-abrasion lining. The Luxor has Halvarssons' Hi-Art lining that strengthens textile fabrics by up to 500%. It is, it has to be said, one of the weaknesses of most off-road suits. They're configured for falling off in the mud and sand, and not for sliding down a tarmac road. If the latter does happen, it's good to know that the Luxor jacket will be up to the job. It's important because many riders of big trailie-style bikes equip themselves with traditional, off-road jackets, but then rarely venture off the black stuff.

For thermal protection, the Luxor has an Outlast liner with added Thinsulate. This is about as a good as a thermal liner gets, yet it's not at all thick. Outlast is clever stuff. It was originally developed for the NASA space programme. If you want to know more about how it works, hit the web. Halvarssons has equipped the Luxor jacket with its latest Level 2 armour. There's a pocket for a back protector, although it's not supplied as standard. We will always recommend the fitting of a D3O T8 protector; it's nicer than the one that Halvarssons suggest you use. And it fits the pocket perfectly.

As you might expect, the Luxor jacket attaches to trousers. You get loads of reflective bits, top and bottom, and adjusters on the sleeves and waist. We think the Luxor is going to be a terrific option for those people who want to ride off road, but who also want total waterproofing, great venting and good on-road protection.

Because of its intended use, the Luxor Jacket fit a bit more loosely than a traditional road-going jacket. In our view, this is going to make it perfect for the commuter who wants to wear his gear over the top of work clothes. This is not normally the ideal way to ride because most commuting and touring suits fit quite closely to the body. The Luxor jacket will easily accommodate your work clothes. Because the waterproof membrane is bonded, it means that your work clothes will never get wet. And even if it's rained hard on the way into work, the suit will dry out in an hour or two, so it will never be damp when you ride home.

For the winter, the thermal liner will keep you warm. And in the summer, there will be a plentiful supply of air through the vents to cool you down, because there's no membrane to impede it. It's not perhaps what Halvarssons was thinking when they designed the jacket, but we reckon it's just about the perfect tool for the job.

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  • Textile 2 layer
  • Teflon coated
  • HI-ART reinforced
  • Dryway+ laminated membrane
  • Outlast temperature-regulated removable liner, with Thinsulate
  • Adjustable CE-approved armour Level 2
  • Air vents
  • Attachable to jacket
  • Adjustable waist & leg width
  • Reflectors
  • Leather-reinforced seat
  • Removable braces

Size Chart

  • Halvarssons men's motorcycle clothing. Please note: Sizes available are shown on the product page.

    48 38
    50 40
    52 42
    54 44
    56 46
    58 48
    60 50
    62 52
    64 54
    66 56
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