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Rukka Jackets


Rukka make what most people would consider to be the finest, most robust, and most protective motorcycle wear that money can buy. And nowhere is this more evident than with their jackets. Rukka does make some jackets with a traditional 'drop-liner', where the waterproof membrane is simply suspended between the outer fabric and the liner. But the company is best known for its expensive, laminated jackets, where the membrane is bonded to the inner and outer layers. This makes for jackets that are incredibly waterproof, and which never 'wet out'. The downside of laminated jackets is a certain degree of stiffness that can mean that they are not always the most comfortable to wear. But if you ride particularly high miles, and if you ride throughout the worst winter conditions, then Rukka may well be your best option.

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Rukka Melton jacket in brown

Rukka Melton jacket in brown (RUK1090)


Rukka Markham jacket in brown

Rukka Markham jacket in brown (RUK1086)


Rukka Markham jacket in black

Rukka Markham jacket in black (RUK2000)


Rukka Raymond jacket in brown

Rukka Raymond jacket in brown (RUK1094)


Rukka Raymond jacket in black

Rukka Raymond jacket in black (RUK1089)


Rukka Coriace-R jacket in black

Rukka Coriace-R jacket in black (RUK1092)


Rukka Nivala jacket in black

Rukka Nivala jacket in black (RUK1075)


Rukka Down X jacket in black

Rukka Down X jacket in black (RUK1072)


Rukka Kalle jacket in black

Rukka Kalle jacket in black (RUK1056)


Rukka ladies Suki jacket in black
Rukka Hi-Vis vest

Rukka Hi-Vis vest (RUK1033)


Rukka Kalix jacket

Rukka Kalix jacket (RUK1061)


Rukka Navigatorr jacket in black

Rukka Navigatorr jacket in black (RUK1042)

Now £849.99 Was £1099.99

Rukka Forsair jacket in black

Rukka Forsair jacket in black (RUK1068)

Now £349.99 Was £399.99

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