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Mens Segura Motorcycle Jackets

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Segura Cannon jacket in grey

Segura Cannon jacket in grey (SEG085)


Segura Tazer jacket in black

Segura Tazer jacket in black (SEG069)


Segura Oskar jacket in brown

Segura Oskar jacket in brown (SEG068)


Segura Gunthar jacket in brown

Segura Gunthar jacket in brown (SEG065)


Segura Jayzer jacket in brown

Segura Jayzer jacket in brown (SEG062)


Segura Stripe jacket in brown

Segura Stripe jacket in brown (SEG051)


Segura Stripe jacket in black

Segura Stripe jacket in black (SEG050)


Segura Chester jacket in black

Segura Chester jacket in black (SEG067)

Now £299.99 Was £389.99

Segura Patriot jacket in brown

Segura Patriot jacket in brown (SEG044)

DISCONTINUED Now £299.99 Was £459.99

Segura Elwood jacket in black

Segura Elwood jacket in black (SEG035)

Now £349.99 Was £489.99

Segura Jimmy jacket in black

Segura Jimmy jacket in black (SEG034)

Now £174.99 Was £249.99

Segura Cheyenne jacket in black

Segura Cheyenne jacket in black (SEG033)

Now £169.99 Was £239.99

Segura Style jacket in black

Segura Style jacket in black (SEG032)

Now £299.99 Was £439.99

Segura Jericho jacket in black

Segura Jericho jacket in black (SEG047)

DISCONTINUED Now £174.99 Was £269.99

Segura Hank jacket in black

Segura Hank jacket in black (SEG046)

Now £374.99 Was £499.99

Segura Cruze jacket in black

Segura Cruze jacket in black (SEG045)

Now £374.99 Was £499.99

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