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Ladies Motorcycle Jackets

It is probably fair to say that the manufacturers do not cater for lady motorcyclists to quite the extent that they should do. It is probably harder to create flattering women's jackets than it is to create attractive jackets for men. But most manufacturers still offer two or three ladies' styles in their ranges. Some manufacturers do this better than others, but by selecting individual products from across these ranges, we are normally able to find the right jacket for most people. Leather is a popular option for many, and if the cut is right, and if the leather is good quality, it is possible to find the perfect blend of fit and protection. A textile jacket is normally going to be a better option if mileages are going to be higher, as you will get better performance features that will keep you warm and dry on the bike. It is a myth that leather jackets are more protective and safer!
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Rokker ladies jacket in black

Rokker ladies jacket in black (ROK024)


Rukka ladies Suki jacket in black

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