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Motolegends end of season Sale

As we have now moved into September, the summer is officially over, although we’re very much hoping the good weather isn’t. And so the time is right for us to launch our much anticipated, end-of-season Sale. We'd like to think that our Sale is a notch or two above your average motorcycle apparel Sale event, where the old retail prices often get inflated to make the discounts look greater. For us, it's all very simple. We need to make way for all the winter season clothing that we ordered earlier this year, for delivery in the near future. We need the space on our shelves, and we need to move on the styles that are not going to be popular as the weather becomes less hospitable. But, unlike many retailers, we don't allow the clothing importers and distributors to fill our shelves with their mistakes, and all those items that, in truth, nobody ever really wanted at any price. Everything we sell, we hand pick. Unlike most retailers, we alone decide what goes on our shelves. You won’t find any rubbish in our Sale. We’re just having a bit of a tidy up and clear out. Nonetheless, occasionally, we are guilty of misjudging demand, and sometimes we do get over excited, and simply order too much of a particular style or particular colourway. What all this means is that, in our Sale, you will make genuine savings on lines that were, until recently, current. But what it also means is that, in many, if not most, cases we only have here in the warehouse very small quantities of any particular item. So, even though we're running our Sale right through to the end of September, you shouldn't delay if there's something you like the look of. As ever, if you don’t like something you order online, you can return any item in the Sale for a full refund. But you should be aware that reduced price items do not enjoy 'free returns' status.


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