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Furygan Motorcycle Trousers


Furygan is a stylish French maker of motorcycle apparel including, of course, trousers. Like many of the French manufacturers, Furygan tries to produce clothing for every sector of the market, so they have trousers for track racing, trousers for commuting, trousers for adventure bike riders, and trousers for those who rarely venture out of town. Their products cover a wide array of price-points, and these prices reflect the technical features that are included. Furygan makes some great textile trousers for serious motorcyclists, although we are of the opinion that they excel when it comes to leather. They also make some great jeans that come with  Kevlar linings and D3O armour.

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Furygan Blue Jean 01

Furygan Blue Jean 01 (FGN009)


Furygan Veloce Leather Trouser

Furygan Veloce Leather Trouser (FGN093)


Furygan Trekker Trouser

Furygan Trekker Trouser (FGN259)


Furygan D02 Oil jeans

Furygan D02 Oil jeans (FGN443)


Furygan Leather Highway Pant

Furygan Leather Highway Pant (FGN007)


Furygan Duke Trouser

Furygan Duke Trouser (FGN210)


Furygan Ladies Trekker Trouser

Furygan Ladies Trekker Trouser (FGN260)


Furygan Black Jean 01

Furygan Black Jean 01 (FGN302)


Furygan Electra Lady Trouser

Furygan Electra Lady Trouser (FGN613)


Furygan Coldmaster Trouser

Furygan Coldmaster Trouser (FGN680)


Furygan Jean 01

Furygan Jean 01 (FGN586)

Now £79.99 Was £83.99

Furygan Ladies Veloce Leather Trouser

Furygan Ladies Veloce Leather Trouser (FGN097)

Now £149.99 Was £181.99

Furygan Shield Pant

Furygan Shield Pant (FGN343)

Now £119.99 Was £132.99

Furygan Trekker Short Trouser

Furygan Trekker Short Trouser (FGN456)

Now £99.99 Was £104.99

Furygan Jean 02

Furygan Jean 02 (FGN010)

Now £76.99 Was £109.99

Furygan Jean D02

Furygan Jean D02 (FGN301)

Now £74.99 Was £76.99

Furygan Jean DH

Furygan Jean DH (FGN385)

Now £89.99 Was £97.99

Furygan DH Jean

Furygan DH Jean (FGN558)

Now £89.99 Was £97.99

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