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Leather Motorcycle Trousers

Some experienced bikers swear by the benefits of leather trousers, but textile pants have come a long way in the last 30 years, and so leather is not always the best option. Leather is abrasion resistant and leather trousers can look great, but leather absorbs the rain like a sponge, and it has little by the way of thermal qualities. It is true that racers wear leather, but they don’t spend hours in the saddle, so don’t tend to get miserably cold and wet. The road rider, by contrast, can get very cold and wet on a long journey, and a pair of leather pants can make one feel even less comfortable. Racers, by the way, wear leather not just for its protective qualities but also for its tendency not to create wind resistance and turbulence. A pair of textile trousers will offer comparable levels of protection to leather and considerably enhanced levels of comfort. For 99% of riders! we feel that a textile pant is the best option. A leather trouser is really for the summer, and for when looking sharp is the primary consideration.

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Spidi Teker Leather Pant

Spidi Teker Leather Pant (SPD1008)


Halvarssons Leather Belt

Halvarssons Leather Belt (HAL188)


Halvarssons Ladies String Jean

Halvarssons Ladies String Jean (HAL147)


Halvarssons Leather Jean

Halvarssons Leather Jean (HAL144)


Halvarssons Ladies Leather Jean
Furygan Veloce Leather Trouser

Furygan Veloce Leather Trouser (FGN093)


Halvarssons Ladies Cornet Trouser

Halvarssons Ladies Cornet Trouser (HAL609)


Furygan Leather Highway Pant

Furygan Leather Highway Pant (FGN007)


Halvarssons Lady Dede Pant

Halvarssons Lady Dede Pant (HAL553)


Halvarssons Dede Pant

Halvarssons Dede Pant (HAL554)


Halvarssons String Jean

Halvarssons String Jean (HAL146)


Halvarssons Rider Trouser

Halvarssons Rider Trouser (HAL581)


Halvarssons Ladies Leon Leather Trouser

Halvarssons Ladies Leon Leather Trouser (HAL678)


Halvarssons Seth Leather Pant

Halvarssons Seth Leather Pant (HAL701)


Halvarssons Safir Leather Trouser

Halvarssons Safir Leather Trouser (HAL293)

DISCONTINUED Now £249.00 Was £359.00

Halvarssons Ladies Frej Trouser

Halvarssons Ladies Frej Trouser (HAL289)

Now £199.99 Was £319.00

Halvarssons Ladies Frej Trouser Short

Halvarssons Ladies Frej Trouser Short (HAL414)

Now £199.99 Was £319.00

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