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Textile Motorcycle Trousers

Some motorcyclists have a near religious commitment to leather as the only material that is appropriate for a motorcycle trouser. Frankly, such people are out of date, and don't understand modern motorcycle wear. Leather may look good, and it has certain anti-abrasion qualities. But leather trousers are invariably worn close to the skin, and so are not warm to wear. Leather also absorbs water, and so is useless when it rains. A modern textile trouser with armour and a good quality anti-abrasion backing material will be every bit as protective as a leather trouser if you come off the bike. But a textile trouser with a waterproof membrane will be much more waterproof. And as most textile trousers have a thermal liner of some description, they’ll keep you much warmer too. In the summer, you will want air vents to allow fresh air to flow through to the skin, and almost no leather trousers offer this facility. So, if your main concern is how small your bum looks, or if you want to pretend you’re a Moto GP racer, go for leather.  But for most riders on most bikes, in most riding conditions, a textile motorcycle trouser will make much more sense.

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Rukka Down X Black Trouser

Rukka Down X Black Trouser (RUK1073)


Rukka Arma-T Black Trouser

Rukka Arma-T Black Trouser (RUK1071)


Halvarssons Taal Trouser

Halvarssons Taal Trouser (HAL246)


Richa Kodi Ladies Leggings

Richa Kodi Ladies Leggings (RI330)


Spidi Glance Lady Pant

Spidi Glance Lady Pant (SPD1012)


Rokker Chino

Rokker Chino (ROK004)


Rokker Chino

Rokker Chino (ROK006)


Spidi Megarain Over Pant

Spidi Megarain Over Pant (SPD1009)


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