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Waterproof Motorcycle Trousers

We are always at pains to point out that no motorcycle garment, however much you pay, will keep you totally dry if it rains hard enough for long enough. Water can find its way inside a trouser in so many ways, but a good textile trouser with a reputable membrane from somebody like Gore-Tex will keep the water out for longer. Obviously, for waterproofing, forget leather completely. A leather trouser in the rain is about as useful as a pair made from sponge. But even with a good pair of waterproof, textile trousers, you should consider carrying with you at all times a cheap pair of plastic over-trousers. In a real downpour, this is the only way to stay completely dry. The problem is that such garments don't breathe, so if you're working hard on the bike and generating heat, you will start to sweat. This will make you feel wet; the difference being that, in this scenario, the moisture will be coming from the inside rather than the outside.


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Rukka Arma-T Black Trouser

Rukka Arma-T Black Trouser (RUK1071)


Halvarssons Taal Trouser

Halvarssons Taal Trouser (HAL246)


Spidi Glance Lady Pant

Spidi Glance Lady Pant (SPD1012)


Rokker Chino

Rokker Chino (ROK004)


Rokker Chino

Rokker Chino (ROK006)


Spidi Megarain Over Pant

Spidi Megarain Over Pant (SPD1009)


Spidi Salopette Fluo Pant

Spidi Salopette Fluo Pant  (SPD1013)


Halvarssons Waterproof Trouser
Furygan Leather Highway Pant

Furygan Leather Highway Pant (FGN007)


Halvarssons Yago Trouser

Halvarssons Yago Trouser (HAL370)


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