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Adventure motorcycle helmets

An adventure motorcycle helmet is basically a motorcycle helmet with a peak and a longer nose than a standard road helmet. It can still be suitable for road riding but allows for some off road adventures along the way.

The benefits of an adventure motorcycle helmet are that the peak can shade out the sun if you are riding directly into it. Furthermore for hot weather or more exertion when riding, the extended nose provides better ventilation. It is often a style that can take googles or a visor. 

Many riders with an adventure bike think they must buy an adventure motorcycle helmet. Do you need an adventure helmet? Well, probably not. They are often nosier than a traditional full-face or modular street helmet but it does depend on the riding you are going to do. The peak on an adventure helmet can also cause drag or vibration at higher speeds when road riding.

The best adventure motorcycle helmet currently is the Arai Tour-X5. In the Arai vs Shoei adventure helmet battle Arai has been first to bring out a new and improved helmet that is certified to ECE 22-06.

We offer the Shoei adventure helmet, the new all-conquering Arai adventure helmet, the top of the range Klim adventure helmet, the new Schuberth adventure helmet which is a flip-up and also the best of the Scorpion adventure helmets. 

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Klim Krios Pro helmet in matt black

Brian: My first goggles

I got these goggles to go with my Shoei Ex-Zero helmet, as recommended by Motolegends. I love the lightness, ventilation and field of vision of the helmet but its visor does not give full protection from suicidal insects. These are my first ever pair of goggles and I am very impressed by the fit, comfort, vision and photochromic lens. They are very well ventilated too and the rubberised strap stays firmly in place. They are not cheap but, as ever, you get what you pay for. The helmet plus goggles are a winning combination for the summer a full face helmet would be better in the cold. The only downside is that it takes longer to fit the goggles than flip a visor but this is more than outweighed by the benefits.

Schuberth E2 helmet in concrete grey

Chris: Wow

Brilliant comfort and so so much I had stalled engine and didnt notice. Expensive but its the make and quality aint cheap. Only buy schuberth as tried the rest now stick to the best. Intercom really good and easy set up