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Back in the early days, four or five years ago, we did do video reviews. But we lost our studio space, and so we stopped doing them. Our problem then became finding the right person to front them up. We weren’t interested in have a slick presenter who had no credibility as a biker, and none of us here really felt confident enough to step in front of the camera. That fella from Revzilla sets the bar pretty high, and so we kind of put our head in the sand. But recently, we came to the view that we do have something to say, and that we do have a different take on motorcycle gear. So we decided we’d give it a go. We’ve been doing our new videos for a few weeks, and if you’ve seen any of them you’ll know that we’re pretty crap. I’m upset that everybody seems taller than me, (the camera lies, it also adds at least 10 pounds), and frankly our output to date is all a bit amateurville. But we are confident that what we have to say is interesting, and that it will be useful to customers. The problem is that most videos are sales puff, dressed up as reviews. Ours too, I suppose, but we are determined to tell it the way it is. If a thousand pound jacket is great in most respects, but rubbish in others we’re going to tell it like it is. To do otherwise is to let our customers down, and to let ourselves down. Ultimately, if all we do is regurgitate the manufacturers’ blurb, we’ll be letting them down too. Finally, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we’re going to try and have fun with our ‘vlogs’ as I believe the millennials call them. We’ll be releasing one or two new videos a week. If you think they’re a good way to learn about new products, subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking below.






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