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Summer non-waterproof motorcycle pants

Motorcycle trousers without a membrane are so much easier and more comfortable to wear than waterproof trousers. There is, of course, one problem with this form of attire on the bike. Basically, if it rains you are going to get wet.

The solution, of course, is to carry with you something like a pair of Scott waterproof, over-trousers. Now for some people this is an unimaginable inconvenience; a step too far. And indeed if you commute all year round, and like to tour in Wales, Scotland or Ireland then equipping yourself in this way may just not be for you.

But for most casual, weekend riders, rain is an unfortunate inconvenience, not a regular occurrence. Most weekend riders will look out of the window on a Sunday morning. If it's raining, they will go back to bed. What also has to be remembered is that, contrary to our unreliable memories, it does not rain all the time. On average in the summer in the UK, there will be some rain on just one day out of three.

The bottom line is that it just doesn't rain every day, and the reality for most of us is that if we find ourselves riding in the rain we have simply been caught out. And so we simply don't see the logic in always going out on a summer’s day prepared for an impending hurricane when, most of the time, we won't see a drop of rain.

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Rokker Legend Straight jeans in blue

Peter: Super comfy

Ive bought four or five pair of Rokker jeans from ML over the last couple of years, all but one of them the AAA Rokkertech Straight fit. I finally caved to Chris excellent review of the Rokker Legend jeans, and hes spot-on in asserting their comfort and fit. I love my AAA Rokkers, but button-fly is a giant PITA, plus theyre more stiffless flexible than the ML Rokker Legend jeans. For max comfort, buy these and youll never buy another brand of jeans again.

PMJ Spring leggings in black

Bev: Almost perfect

I love these leggings, so comfy to wear due to the stretch and the belt loops can be used to hook up a hip bag one side and my bike key the other side. They would be perfect if they had rear pockets too, to keep tissues etc. I have worn them in hot weather 30 plus in comfort and when I got caught in a downpour they dried out almost as soon as the rain stopped.

Klim Marrakesh pants in black

Simon Wright: So much better

Having purchased the original Marrakesh pants a couple of years ago and regretting it due to the fit my fault and I should have taken them back but threw them in a cupboard and forgot about them, I was disappointed when I ordered the new ones to find the fit as bad. Again my fault as I went for the same waist and a standard leg. Im short and have lost weight, but I havent got taller. Now living 600 miles away from the shop I had a work trip and decided to whizz past the shop and see Chris Co in the shop and actually got fitted for the correct size pants now Im delighted. The fit of the new version is amazing and is as good as the Marrakesh jacket making a great combo if like me sometimes jeans annoy and you want something a little looser. Id also like to say you get what you pay for if buying from Motoledgends you also get the service you want and really dont get in a high street store. Now really looking forward to my Euro trip. Thank you all