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Winter Motorcycle Gloves

In the winter, there's nothing worse than riding with cold hands and fingers. It's debilitating, and stops you from concentrating, and so can be very dangerous. In the winter, you will need a pair of padded gloves with a filling like Primaloft, Thinsulate or Outlast. Because of their increased thickness, winter gloves may give you a slightly diminished feel on the bars, but this is simply the trade-off for warmth. X-Trafit gloves, with a bonded waterproof liner on the fingers, are not great when it's very cold, because there is no padding directly beneath the fingertips. The other consideration in the winter is the wet, and if it's raining you may be better off with a textile glove, rather than a leather one, as leather simply absorbs the moisture. As with skiing, a mitten style glove can be more effective than a traditional glove when it comes to keeping your hands warm, and several brands make motorcycling mittens.

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