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Motorcycle trousers

In the event of an accident it is frequently the lower half of the body that come into contact with the ground, and usually for the longest time, so the level of protection offered by a trouser is of paramount importance. By contrast, the trouser takes less impact from the wind and rain than does the jacket, so features like thermal liners may not be quite so vital. Leather is naturally abrasion resistant, so leather motorcycle trousers can give you a significant level of protection if you end up sliding down the road. But leather is not good in the rain and has few thermal properties, so leather trousers are not so good in the winter. A good textile motorcycle trouser won’t absorb the rain and, of course, most trousers will have a thermal liner for greater warmth and comfort. All proper motorcycle trousers will come with armour in the knees and hips and, dependent on your riding, you may look for features like anti-abrasion backings, air-vents, stretch panels for comfort, and reflective areas for better visibility. We recommend you also consider motorcycle jeans as an option as the modern protective jean can offer great abrasion and impact protection as well as comfort and style on your motorbike.

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Rokker Legend Straight jeans in blue

Peter: Super comfy

Ive bought four or five pair of Rokker jeans from ML over the last couple of years, all but one of them the AAA Rokkertech Straight fit. I finally caved to Chris excellent review of the Rokker Legend jeans, and hes spot-on in asserting their comfort and fit. I love my AAA Rokkers, but button-fly is a giant PITA, plus theyre more stiffless flexible than the ML Rokker Legend jeans. For max comfort, buy these and youll never buy another brand of jeans again.

PMJ Spring leggings in black

Bev: Almost perfect

I love these leggings, so comfy to wear due to the stretch and the belt loops can be used to hook up a hip bag one side and my bike key the other side. They would be perfect if they had rear pockets too, to keep tissues etc. I have worn them in hot weather 30 plus in comfort and when I got caught in a downpour they dried out almost as soon as the rain stopped.

Rukka Voyage-R trousers in black

Steve Dallen: The best

Reviewed before but happy to repeat. Excellent construction as youd expect from Rukka and comfy to wear and zip together with the jacket if required. Great price with the Pathfinder jacket from Motolegends, would certainly recommend to anyone riding outside the summer season.