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Touring-South-Africa-on-a-motorcycle 2.jpg

Touring South Africa on a motorcycle

Originally published on: 02/02/2023 15:41

My wife and I are both keen motorcycle riders. But our work lives are a bit hectic, and so we don’t tend to get a lot of time away from the office. But things slow down in the run-up to Christmas, and the business we run together closes between Christmas and New Year, so that tends to be a good time to get away. We like biking holidays, but the timeframe means that we like to hit the ground running. We normally like to find somebody local who can sort out all the logistics, supply the bikes, book hotels for us and so on.
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Rukka RImo-R motorcycle jacket YT thumb.jpg

Rukka Rimo-R jacket review

Originally published on: 11/01/2023 14:26

We potentially really like the Rimo-R. It is a two-layer, Gore-Tex, laminated, adventure suit. It has pretty much all the bells and whistles that a rider might want; with one key exception. It does not come with armour in the elbows, shoulders, knees, hips and back. Now, we kind of know why Rukka has done this, but we don’t think this is the right jacket for this type of treatment. Let us explain.
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Best laminated motorcycle jackets winter 2022-2023

Originally published on: 17/11/2022 16:02

In this review, which has been produced in both a video and an editorial format, we look at some of the best laminated motorcycle jackets on the market. Now when retailers like us set out to review the ‘best of….’ in whatever the category of subject matter, it’s not always totally credible because we don’t sell, in this instance, all the laminated jackets the market has to offer.
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Klim Artemis ladies jacket review

Originally published on: 24/10/2022 11:12

The Artemis is Klim’s high-end, offering for ladies. And although Klim has positioned the Artemis as an adventure suit we fail to see the basis on which it could not be considered equally appropriate for any kind of road riding or touring. In fact, we think it will work incredibly well on the road. It will be better in this role than any other Klim outfit, and indeed we cannot think of many other suits out there that can match it for versatility. New for 2022, the suit is an upgrade on its predecessor, with more venting, more abrasion resistance, more storage space and more mobility.
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Klim Latitude jacket review

Originally published on: 24/10/2022 10:40

First thing. What is the Latitude? Klim does a number of suits, so who is the Latitude aimed at? As we all know, Klim is renowned for its adventure gear, but in recent years the company has made inroads into the more mainstream, on-road commuting and touring sector.
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Halvarssons Myrvik jacket review

Originally published on: 24/10/2022 10:06

The Myrvik jacket and its matching Myrtorp pant constitute a new-for-2022 adventure suit. It will eventually replace the Mora and Malung. But let us be clear about what an adventure suit is, because there are lots of different kinds of suits out there that purport to be designed for adventure riding.
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Rukka Coriace 2.0 review

Originally published on: 24/10/2022 10:00

In this Rukka Coriace 2.0 review, we talk explain why this is one the most protective motorcycle suits on the market, but also why it may not be for everybody. Many years ago, Rukka produced a leather suit with a waterproof membrane that was laminated to the leather outer.
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Custom fitting of the Schuberth C5 helmet

Originally published on: 24/10/2022 09:56

We are far from the world’s largest seller of motorcycle apparel, but we are probably one of the noisiest. We care about the detail. We like gear to work. And so we spend more time than other retailers talking with the manufacturers in an attempt to help them improve their products.
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Halvarssons Naren jacket nav.jpg

Halvarssons Naren jacket review

Originally published on: 25/08/2022 16:15

The Naren jacket and its matching Laggan pant constitute a new-for-2022 laminated suit. It will eventually replace the Vansbro/Wish combination that has been a favourite of ours for quite a few years.
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Rokker Rokkertech AAA jean review

Originally published on: 25/08/2022 16:06

We are not going to try and deny that, over the years, we have become what might be termed Rokker fan boys. Nonetheless, we don’t like everything the Swiss company produces. And as with most of the brands we work with, we tend to pick and choose the lines we like. We love, for example, their Urban Racer boots. We quite like their shirts. We’re not so taken with their gloves, but they do makes some very nice chinos. What they do better than anybody else, though, is jeans.
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Held Cosmo 3.0 jacket review

Originally published on: 25/08/2022 15:40

We first advertised the Cosmo/Avolo suit last year but, as ever with Held, availability was laughably poor. Yes there was Brexit, and yes there was the pandemic, but their distribution arrangements over here were totally inadequate, and getting hold of stock was nigh on impossible.
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Macna Centre heated jacket review

Originally published on: 25/08/2022 15:34

The Macna Centre jacket really is an impressive bit of kit. It’s no substitute for the Warm & Safe jacket because that one generates quite a lot more heat than the Macna. But the Macna is lighter, easier to use and more comfortable to wear. The Warm & Safe is much nicer to wear than most heated jackets but, in this respect, the Macna is a revelation. It is super thin, stretchy and has no wires. The heat is transmitted through panels of what look like the stuff that space blankets are made from.
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Klim Zephyr windproof jacket review

Originally published on: 25/08/2022 15:22

A hundred pounds, let’s face it, doesn’t buy you much these days when it comes to motorcycle apparel. You’ll get a helmet or two from Lidl. You might get a decent pair of summer gloves, an average pair of waterproof gloves, or a not very impressive pair of winter gloves. And it’s not going to get you much when it comes to a pair of pants or a jacket. It will, it has to be said, get you a nice, breathable, base layer; you might even be able to get yourself a lightweight Merino top.
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How to stay cool on a motorcycle

Originally published on: 20/07/2022 14:01

Enjoying the British heat wave, but sick and tired of being hot and sweaty on the bike whilst on the commute? Check out our guide to hot weather riding, and buy online from the UK’s premier motorcycle clothing store, with free shipping and free returns on all protective orders
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Rokker Legend single-layer jean review

Originally published on: 29/04/2022 12:16

We love single-layer motorcycle jeans. In fact, so enamoured are we of this form of construction that we haven’t offered traditional kevlar jeans for quite a few years. Our dislike of lined jeans, whatever they are lined with, has little to do with how protective they are. And that’s because some lined jeans are very protective. Some, of course, especially those that are only partially lined, are not particularly protective. But that’s not our point; our antipathy towards lined jeans come down to one key factor. Namely, that they are lined.
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Single-layer motorcycle jeans vs Kevlar motorcycle jeans

Originally published on: 13/04/2022 13:44

This is another one of those email bulletins that will only be of interest to some people. Certainly, I would imagine that most Motolegends customers will already know the difference between these two types of construction. But not everybody is so enlightened, so we are putting this video out to explain the difference to those who might still be a little confused. So here goes.
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Tricker's motorcycle boots for gentlemen

Originally published on: 12/04/2022 11:17

For the last four or five years we have worked with Trickers on a motorcycling boot. There’s been a bit of a break during the pandemic, but excitingly our new collaboration, the Roadster boot, has just arrived with us.
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The Motolegends Honda CRF300 Rally adventure bikes

Originally published on: 30/03/2022 16:51

It was the early part of lockdown 2021. I think it was a Sunday. We were working away in the Airstream. Sara was supposed to be doing something important on the website, but was in reality researching potential holiday opportunities. I was writing an email bulletin. Suddenly Sara popped her head above a screen: “We should get ourselves a couple of off-road bikes so we can do a bit more green laning. One day we might even be able to do parts of the TET”.
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