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The Motolegends shopping experience

Originally published on: 28/05/2020 11:17

We actually made this video a couple of years ago for a bit of fun. We made it to a particular sound track; namely Linda Lyndell’s classic soul track ‘What a Man‘. It worked really well, but the music rights cost so much that we had to stop using the video after six months.
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The latest EN17092 CE regulations explained

Originally published on: 22/05/2020 13:55

Now let us get our defence in up front. This review is not exciting, the subject matter itself, I’m afraid, is simply not exciting. The detail is not intrinsically interesting, although we would contend that the new CE regulations are potentially really important to all motorcyclists.
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How do I wash my motorcycle clothing

Originally published on: 12/05/2020 16:03

Not everybody washes their motorcycle gear. And quite a few of those who do, don’t know how to do it properly. Which is why Chris has put together this short video showing how it should be done.
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Motorcycle base-layers explained

Originally published on: 07/05/2020 09:17

Now everybody has heard about base-layers and layering, but most bikers think that they only really apply to mountaineers or to those who ride huge mileages in extreme conditions. Most don’t realise that when they wear a technical outfit with a membrane they prevent it from functioning as it’s supposed to when they fail to wear the correct gear beneath it.
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Top 10 summer motorcycle jackets 2020

Originally published on: 01/05/2020 16:38

Okay, the first thing we have to do is apologise for the length of this review; it’s a bit of a monster. In fact, Alfred Hitchcock released more than one film that was shorter than our review. He once stated that a film’s length should be no more than the endurance of the audience’s bladder, so if you’re interested in summer bike jackets, you should perhaps pop to the loo now.
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Belstaff Trialmaster Pro leather jacket review

Originally published on: 21/04/2020 13:00

The Belstaff Trialmaster is one of the most famous of all motorcycle jacket styles. Perhaps only the Schott Perfecto has a longer history. The full-length, four-pocket, wax cotton jacket was introduced only after the war and, in all likelihood, it was Barbour who actually invented the style.
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Macna Dry Cooling EVO vest review

Originally published on: 20/04/2020 10:15

As the Chap in the Cap tries to explain, staying warm on the bike is a relatively simple affair. It’s knowing how to stay cool that is far more of a challenge, because when it’s really, really hot vents and openings will only direct more hot air towards the body.
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Rokker Richmond rider shirt review

Originally published on: 17/04/2020 13:24

Any new release from Rokker is a big deal, and so we’re excited to announce this riding shirt from Rokker. It’s a classic Rokker piece. This is a shirt that is going to look great as a casual shirt, but it’s also a proper functioning piece of protective wear.
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Belstaff Phillis 2.0 jacket review

Originally published on: 16/04/2020 15:34

Not the Chap in the Cap for this one; and so the job falls to Sara, aka the ‘ankle breaker‘. Now the Phillis is not a totally new jacket, but this is the first time it has been available in black. It also has to be said that the previous iteration didn’t work so well. The wax did not fully soak into the new technical material, which gave the fabric a rather greasy handle.
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TCX X-Tour Evo GTX boot review

Originally published on: 15/04/2020 12:07

The TCX X-Tour Evo GTX is not your average touring/commuting boot. It’s got a particularly impressive spec., and in part that’s down to the fact that it’s a near carbon copy of one of the most highly-regarded boots on the market: the Daytona Road Star GTX. In fact, so close is it in design terms that it’s amazing the matter didn’t end up in court.
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Klim Viper Pro Black Ops goggle review

Originally published on: 14/04/2020 16:24

Now here at Motolegends we do not purport to be the specialists in off-road riding, although we are, through Klim in particular, getting more into the world of adventure riding. Historically, for us, goggles have often been decorative, a way to look cool on your café racer, but here we have something a wee bit different; the Viper Pro Black Ops is probably the most sophisticated goggle on the market.
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Bering Norris jacket review

Originally published on: 13/04/2020 09:00

In truth, Bering hasn’t traditionally been a Motolegends kind of brand, but we tend to be driven more by individual products than we are by brand reputations, so it’s not unusual for us to choose just a couple of pieces from a particular company.
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Segura Jayzer jacket review

Originally published on: 12/04/2020 10:00

Segura is a French motorcycle apparel brand. In fact, it was the two Segura brothers who originally set up the Furygan brand. A family dispute caused the two siblings to go their own ways, but that’s another story for another day!
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Belstaff Endurance boot review

Originally published on: 09/04/2020 12:10

The Belstaff Endurance is a classic, engineer’s style boot. It was a style that was originally popularised by those who worked on the plates of steam locomotives in America. When the boys returned from WW2 and took up biking to get their kicks, the engineers’ boot became a staple of the uniform; a uniform that would have been completed by a pair of jeans and a leather jacket.
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Halvarssons Trenton jacket review

Originally published on: 09/04/2020 12:04

We love Halvarssons. And that’s not just because we are their largest retailer outside of Sweden. The company is perhaps better known for its technical textiles, but based in Malung, which is the leather capital of Sweden, the company has access to some great hides. The Trenton, which is loosely based on the USAAF A2 jacket from the last war, is made from goatskin.
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