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Planning a visit to the Motolegends shop?

Originally published on: 21/10/2020 08:50

If you’re a regular visitor to the Motolegends shop, then it might not be worth watching this video. It’s going to be 10 minutes you’re never going to be get back, and because the video is all about the shop and how it operates, you’re going to find that it’s not particularly illuminating.
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Places to ride to in surrey and west sussex

Originally published on: 08/10/2020 10:18

If you live in Guildford or Godalming, we may well be your closest motorcycle clothing shop, but the truth is that we do always seem to have attracted visitors from further afield. And these days, we are often truly humbled by the distances we discover people have journeyed to come and see us.
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Belstaff Long Way Up

Originally published on: 18/09/2020 11:24

At the back end of 2019, Ewan McGregor and his best pal, Charley Boorman, set off on their latest trip. Their adventure would take them from the southernmost tip of South America, 13,000 miles north to Los Angeles.
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Long Way Up clothing

Originally published on: 30/08/2020 15:24

At the end of 2019, Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor set off from Ushuaia in Patagonia, the southernmost tip of South America, to travel 13,000 miles to Los Angeles. They gave themselves a timeframe of 100 days to complete the journey.
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The definitive guide to motorcycle helmet fitting

Originally published on: 07/08/2020 16:33

This week, the chap in the cap tackles one of the thorniest subjects in the entire motorcycle apparel business; namely, how to make sure you get the perfect-fitting motorcycle helmet. In this video, Chris tackles a number of issues that are very rarely raised in motorcycle shops. 
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Held motorcycle gloves review

Originally published on: 25/07/2020 11:19

We’ve never really been short of gloves to put on the shelves, which might explain why we have never taken on Held gloves. But, in recent times, we’ve become a little disappointed with some of the gloves that have been offered to us by some of the manufacturers.
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Best mesh motorcycle jackets 2020

Originally published on: 08/07/2020 15:50

Well, I think it’s termed Sod’s Law. When we decided to put together a Focus on mesh jackets, the temperature was up in the thirties. Being Brits, we were all complaining about the excessive heat, oblivious of the fact that for 11 months of the year this is the kind of weather we dream about.
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Motorcycle armour explained

Originally published on: 08/07/2020 14:11

One of the things that first got Chris interested in doing videos was the fact that when he initially got into biking nobody explained anything to him about the gear he needed. He ended up buying almost solely on price and styling, because he had no idea about what he needed for the kind of riding he did.
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Rokker Rokkertech single-layer motorcycle jeans explained

Originally published on: 04/07/2020 09:13

We love the Rokker brand. And we particularly love their Rokkertech jeans. We’ve tested every jean out there, but in our view there’s nothing to match the Rokkertechs. With a slide time of over six seconds, these jeans are 50% more abrasion resistance than a leather trouser. But they look fantastic and they’re lovely to wear. For many people a Rokkertech is their favourite jean; off or on the bike
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SW Motech Legend Gear soft luggage

Originally published on: 29/06/2020 15:11

Here at Motolegends the car park is filled with all kinds of bikes. Sean commutes in daily on his trusty Pan European. Artur, who manages the warehouse, rides a Triumph Tiger. There’s Sara’s ridiculously pretty MV.
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Best short motorcycle boots 2020

Originally published on: 25/06/2020 14:49

When it comes to short motorcycle boots, there are, in essence, two key varieties. There are those boots that are derived from high-top trainer or basketball-style boots. Now these are the easiest to wear of all motorcycle boots. They are literally as comfortable to wear as a pair of shoes you picked up from Foot Locker.
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Cool biking outfit for under 2500 pounds 2020

Originally published on: 18/06/2020 17:05

So this is our third video about the kind of casual riding gear you can get for a given sum of money. The idea originally came out of a series of videos we did about commuting outfits, and so we’ve taken the same thinking and applied it to what one might term cool outfits.
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Best summer motorcycle jackets 2020

Originally published on: 18/06/2020 16:03

A large contributor to riding safely is being comfortable on the bike. That means not shivering from the cold, not feeling distracted by large wet patches and streams of rain running down your back, and not overheating.
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Choosing the perfect commuting suit

Originally published on: 15/06/2020 16:17

The Coronavirus will impact on the lives of so many people in so many ways. Indeed, it has done already. Which may explain why, in recent weeks, we have had so many requests from people about commuting; people who often haven’t commuted before. And this makes sense if you want to go into work without using public transport. Recently, we’ve created a series of videos where we have recommended different commuting outfits at different price points.
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Cool biking outfit for under 1500 pounds 2020

Originally published on: 15/06/2020 12:56

As we did with commuting outfits, we’ve put together what one might term ‘cool’ outfits for a given amount of money. Now, we’ve already gone down this road once with a budget of £1,000; and that bought us a Halvarssons leather jacket, some Spidi jeans.
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The Motolegends shop. Open All Hours. Again

Originally published on: 14/06/2020 17:00

Now, this video is going out on the afternoon of Sunday, 14th. June. And tomorrow, Monday, we’ll be opening our doors to customers again after a break of some 12 weeks. Now that might seem like a cause for celebration, and in some ways it is. We are genuinely looking forward to meeting up with some of our old friends. And to making new ones.
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Ultimate touring and commuting motorcycle outfit money no object 2020

Originally published on: 12/06/2020 11:36

This is the fourth in our series about the kind of commuting/touring outfit you can get for a given budget. Kicked off by requests from people who thought they might want to commute on a motorcycle after Lockdown, our first video worked on a budget of £1000. We then upped the ante to £1500. For the third video, we raised the budget to £2500 and, for this particular video, however, there is literally no budget; the sky’s the limit.
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Best summer motorcycle gloves 2020

Originally published on: 10/06/2020 12:52

There is no such thing as the perfect motorcycle glove, and every experienced motorcyclist eventually comes to realise that they’re going to need different gloves for different times of the year and for different types of riding.
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