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Belstaff motorcycle jacket

Belstaff motorcycle jackets are worn by motorcyclists all around the world from everyday bikers to Hollywood A-listers. Initially Belstaff jackets were made in the UK and were hard-wearing wax cotton jackets. In the modern era they are made not just from wax cotton but from synthetic fabrics and from leather. Belstaff motorcycle jackets are not just about style - they are properly protective motorcycle jackets that are as tough and rugged as anything out there. They come with waterproof liners with taped seams, and use the latest hi-tech armour from D3O. There are basically three main styles of jacket from the brand. The four pocket, most traditional, belted Trialmaster jacket, the short Steve McQueen style Brooklands jacket and the mid-length Crosby jacket which we see as the Belstaff biker jacket that is best suited to the majority of riders. All three styles come in either Wax Cotton or in  beautifully treated, soft buttery, leather.

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What materials are Belstaff motorcycle jackets made from?

Traditionally Belstaff started making wax cotton biking jackets. Now their riding jackets are made of a wax cotton and synthetic mix so that they can be stronger in terms of abrasion resistance without making them too stiff and heavy to wear. Alternatively you can go for the Belstaff leather motorcycle jacket. Still the same traditional styles but made from leather that has been treated so that it feels just beautifully soft to wear whilst still being strong enough to offer proper protection.

How much do Belstaff motorcycle jackets cost?

A Belstaff biker jacket is an investment piece. They are an iconic style piece while still offering abrasion and impact resistance for riders. You can spend from around £300 up to £1300 for a Belstaff riding jacket depending on the material it is made of. 

What is the best Belstaff motorcycle jacket for me?

The different styles of jacket suit different people but that depends on your physique as well as your motorbike. The Belstaff Trialmaster is quite long. If you are too short it just won't work. The Belstaff Brooklands is the short Steve Mcqueen look but won't work on tall riders or people riding bikes where they are leant forward on the bars. We often find the Belstaff Crosby suits most people on most bikes!

How do I care for my Belstaff motorcycle jacket?

Belstaff biker jackets are no longer made from traditional wax cotton. They also have a waterproof membrane so they do not rely on the wax treatment for their waterproofing. So to keep a wax cotton technical jacket clean just wipe off with a damp cloth. You can apply a little of the wax treatment but it only needs a very light coating. For the leather Belstaff jackets we suggest using a conditioner like the one we sell from the American brand Chamberlains. 

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