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Womens Motorcycle Helmets

Very, very few helmet manufacturers make a helmet that has been designed from the ground up as a helmet for women riders. In fact, we know of none. By contract, quite a few makers create helmets that are designed to appeal to female riders. Personally, we often find these attempts to target women motorcyclists somewhat patronising. They might use a base colour of powder blue or a fuschia pink, and then add some kind of floral design.

Women do tend to have smaller heads than men but, in general, the issues for getting a properly fitting helmet are the same for men as for women. You need to make sure the helmet fits the shape of your head as well as the size of your head. We only stock brands where we can change cheek pads and other internals to make sure we can get a better fit. Often with ladies heads we need to fit thicker cheek pads to get a snugger fit on the cheeks. Many retailers will just keep telling you to get a smaller helmet until it is tight. Sometimes that just ends up horribly tight across the forehead. It may be the helmet is correct on the head but just needs thicker cheek pads. Shoei helmets are particularly good at having thicker cheek pads for helmets to allow us to fit ladies better.

So our advice is that all motorcycle helmets are potentially appropriate for ladies. You will get the best fit if  you visit us at our shop in Guildford where we can custom fit to you.
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