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Motorcycle helmets

Motorcycle helmets are the single most important item of kit for a biker. There is quite an array of types of motorcycle helmets from a dizzying number of manufacturers. You can have an open-face motorcycle helmet, a full-face motorcycle helmet, a flip-up helmet (sometimes called a flip-lid or flip-front or even a modular motorcycle helmet). Then you might have an adventure motorcycle helmet (which may or may not be an off-road helmet). Some helmets are described as touring helmets but when you tour it might be important to have a bluetooth motorcycle helmet so you can listen to music, hear your satnav or talk to your travelling companions. Deciding which helmet is best for you is not easy. We can help.

FAQs about motorcycle helmets

What are good motorcycle helmet brands?

At Motolegends we only stock the best motorcycle helmet brands like Shoei, Arai and Schuberth. Whether you are looking for a modern or retro helmet - we have it all.  We are probably the UK's largest seller of the ultimate sports tourer and commuter helmet, the Shoei Neotec 3 and give you the opportunity to try it against the closest competitor, the Schuberth C5 helmet.

What size motorcycle helmet do I need?

At Motolegends, we are specialists in motorcycle helmet fitting. We know  how a motorcycle helmet should fit and can help you work out what size motorcycle helmet you need. In Shoei helmets we can actually custom fit your motorcycle helmet using the new Shoei PFS (personal fit system). We've helped thousands of riders find their perfect fit through measurement and adjusting helmed headliners and cheek pads. For more information, view our guide on how to measure for a motorcycle helmet

How long do motorcycle helmets last / do motorcycle helmets expire?

All helmets have a manufacturing date but a motorcycle helmet doesn’t expire. Having said that, we are often asked how long a helmet will last. That depends on a few things but the received wisdom is around five years and most decent helmets have a warranty period of 5 years. 

Are motorcycle helmet unisex?

Motorcycle helmets are unisex. In general, women have smaller heads and therefore ladies motorcycle helmets are normally the smaller sizes, but it is down to the fit and shape of the helmet. For some petite women, the weight of the helmet may be a consideration.  

Can I ride a motorcycle without a helmet?

In the UK helmets are required for motorcycles. They must be approved to an EC standard the latest of which is EC 22-06. DOT helmets are not legal in the UK.

Are white motorcycle helmets cooler and safer?

White motorcycle helmets reflect more light making them slightly cooler in summer, and according to some research, may increase visibility on the road making them safer.  Sometimes customers come in wanting a particular graphic motorcycle helmet rather than a plain one. We won’t generally entertain that unless we’re confident the helmet model fits your head! This is the key safety factor. There is also plenty of discussion about whether a white motorcycle helmet is safer, or cooler. After all the discussion we still find that black motorcycle helmets sell the best

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Shoei Neotec 3 Satori TC6 helmet in white / black

Don: Outstanding

3200 miles straight out of the box after an expert PFS fitting by Joe. All day comfort, well vented much better than the 2 and performed really well in temps ranging from as high as 31c to as low as 7c.

Klim Krios Pro helmet in matt black

Brian: My first goggles

I got these goggles to go with my Shoei Ex-Zero helmet, as recommended by Motolegends. I love the lightness, ventilation and field of vision of the helmet but its visor does not give full protection from suicidal insects. These are my first ever pair of goggles and I am very impressed by the fit, comfort, vision and photochromic lens. They are very well ventilated too and the rubberised strap stays firmly in place. They are not cheap but, as ever, you get what you pay for. The helmet plus goggles are a winning combination for the summer a full face helmet would be better in the cold. The only downside is that it takes longer to fit the goggles than flip a visor but this is more than outweighed by the benefits.

Shoei Cheek Pads for GT AIR 2

colin: size change

perfect replacement for originals, helmet was a bit tight bought a medium sale price put in the 31mm fits perfect.