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Shoei PFS - new Personal Fitting System for Shoei helmets

Published on: 26 March 2024

The Shoei P.F.S., which stands for Personal Fitting Service, is a computer-based system that, for the first time ever, allows a totally bespoke fit to be achieved, albeit only on a Shoei helmet, of course. The PFS service was launched in the UK in early 2024 and Motolegends is an approved provider of the service.


Shoei has always been ahead of the other manufacturers as far as custom fitting is concerned. For every single size of a given model, there are already at least three, and sometimes four, different cheekpad options. In every size there is also be an option to fit a thicker or a thinner headliner than the standard one.

Only Arai comes close to matching what Shoei offers. Schuberth has recently introduced changeable liners for the C5/E2, but only on three of the helmets' six sizes. Shark offers different thicknesses of cheekpad, but don't allow for a change in the headliner.

But PFS takes helmet fitting to the next level.


Kid wearing motorcycle helmet


With PFS we can get a perfect fit on just about anybody!


The problem with helmet fitting is that, in the past, it could only be done on the basis of visual cues and on feel. Although it might sound a trifle immodest, we have become quite good at working out what helmets will work on what people, and at changing the various, standard, internal components in order to achieve a snug, yet comfortable, fit. We do this day in, day out, on the Shoei Neotec 3 helmet predominantly but also work on the GT Air 3, the NXR 2 and the Glamster 06.

But the problem has always been that there were areas inside the helmet that we could not see. We could never really see how much space the was between the side of the head and the eps. Nor could we see whether the slope of someone's forehead comfortably matched the slope of the helmet’s interior. Nor how much room there was at the back of the skull. Or above the head.

But with PFS, Shoei has given us a way to ensure that there will always be the correct amount of room between the skull and the eps lining, to ensure a comfortable fit. Never again, in theory, should anybody have to endure a helmet that is tight, and therefore causes pain. Of course, we accept that, in reality, it will never be so black and white.


Guy who wore helmet too tight


Truth be told, curing this particular rider's problem did not require PFS. He had simply bought a helmet that was too small, but in the future it should be possible to ensure that nobody ends up in a painful helmet.


Everybody feels things differently. Some like a helmet to be very snug; some cannot bear any pressure; and the bottom line is that not everybody is going to agree with what Shoei believes is a perfect fit. But PFS is going to give us a far better starting point, and with a combination of this system, and our years of experience in helmet fitting, I reckon we should be able to get a near-perfect fit on more people than we have been able to in the past.


Shoei PFS head mesuring device


The mechanics of PFS


The starting point is Shoei's special measuring tool.

It's nothing particularly high-tech. There are no lasers involved. We won't be placing electrodes on anybody's skull. First we measure circumference; then we use this tool to measure your head at its widest point, at its longest point, and the distance from the ear itself to the top of your head. These measurements are then typed into the PFS software programme to paint a three dimensional picture of your head shape.


Shoei Chris


All the measurements are typed into the PFS programme. The system then tells us what needs to be done to get the optimum fit in any Shoei helmet.


Now Shoei obviously knows the internal architecture of its helmets. And so having created a multi-dimensional representation of a motorcyclist's head, the PFS programme can calculate what pads need to be affixed to any Shoei helmet's liner in order to create a ‘perfect’ fit.

And, to this end, PFS dealers are supplied with a whole gamut of foam pieces designed to fill out the voids between the eps and the head. There are pieces at the sides called 'whales' and 'fishes'. There are pads that go at the front and the back of the helmet to shorten the internal length, and to move the helmet further forward or backward, without making the width narrower, which is what happens when you currently put a thicker, standard liner into a Shoei helmet. There are also inserts to raise the helmet.

Now these pads come in different thicknesses and densities. And they can be combined by sticking them to one another. So one might have to stick two hard ‘top-of-head’ liners to a soft one, for example. There's a plethora of potential configurations.


Shoei PFS pads


When it comes to fitting the pads, there's a huge number of permutations.


What the system doesn't measure is what goes on in and around the cheeks. That is still going to have to be done by eye. Now we here at Motolegends always like to make the cheeks as tight as the wearer can bear. It makes a helmet safer and quieter. It is our policy to always have all the different thicknesses of cheekpad for every helmet in stock. And with PFS the cheekpads are going to become even more important than they were; and that's because the direction of travel with PFS will always be towards a larger helmet. And with a larger helmet, thicker cheekpads are going to become even more necessary.

We do not deceive ourselves. PFS represents a major step forward as far as helmet fitting is concerned. PFS will not be perfect, but we reckon that a combination of Shoei's clever system and our own experience will enable us to get a pretty darned good fit most of the time.


Shoei PFS head mesuring device detail


So how will it work?


You'll need to make an appointment in advance. We will not be doing 'walk-ins'. You can do this online from today with bookings being taken up to a month ahead from Monday 8th April. Just click here to make an online appointment.

The charge will be £50 which is payable when you book. For this you will get your 'Shoei' headliner prescription that will give you the details of what needs to be done to get the 'optimum' fit in any current Shoei helmet; or indeed in any future Shoei model. This fee will be refundable against an in-store helmet purchase on the day of your PFS fitting. The refund, obviously, is not backdateable to a helmet you already own. 




For your £50, you will receive a prescription outlying your optimum fit.


Now, you should be aware that, because of the nature of PFS, the Shoei system may well recommend a larger size Shoei helmet than you currently own, or have owned in the past. This does not mean you have bought the wrong size of helmet. The fact is that before PFS existed the size recommended by the system would almost certainly have been too large.

Your PFS appointment can be cancelled or moved up to 48 hours before your time. But if you do not show for a PFS appointment, or if you turn up more than 15 minutes late, the fee is not refundable.


Motolegends Shoei PFS studio


Ours is the only dedicated Shoei PFS studio in Europe.
(We may also be able to offer you something for the weekend)!


When you come into the shop, we will take you to our PFS studio; this is the only dedicated PFS studio in Europe. We will measure your head across a number of axis using the special Shoei device. We will enter those metrics into the programme, and it will create a spreadsheet setting out what pieces are required for you in any Shoei helmet. As part of the PFS service we will 'loose' fit a headliner with the suggested inserts, and get you to try the helmet on with these inserts. If you want to buy that helmet, we will stick those pads permanently into position.


Shoei PFS head mesuring device on head


The PFS system provides the most sophisticated helmet fit there's ever been.


When you come to see us, we will only have the time to do a PFS fit against one model of helmet. The implication of this is that if you want a PFS fitting you should have decided beforehand what helmet you want. If you are unsure as to what Shoei helmet you want, you should perhaps come in and see us prior to your appointment although, if the shop is busy, merely coming to the shop early for your appointment might not work, because there is no guarantee that somebody will be free to attend to you.

Obviously, you will not have to wait when you turn up on time for your appointment. But once your appointment is over, we may not be able to give you further assistance in the shop. If one of us is free, obviously, that's a different matter; we will be delighted to help.

Anyway, that's PFS.


Shoei helmet in bag


Buying your next Shoei remotely


When your PFS fitting session comes to an end, we will email you your unique Shoei prescription. As most people's heads don't change shape, your prescription should apply to any helmet you buy in the future. Including helmets that have not yet been released. 

And this sets up a particularly interesting proposition. Let's say that Shoei releases a new helmet in the future, say the Hornet 2.

In theory, you will be able to order this helmet, and get a perfect fit without having to visit the shop.

Historically, the problem with buying a helmet online was that you never knew whether it was going to fit you. And indeed this is exacerbated by the fact that not all Shoei helmets fit the same. But equipped with your prescription you will be able to order any Shoei helmet online, or over the phone, in the knowledge that, right out of the box, it will fit perfectly.

This is indeed a brave new world.


Motolegends Shoei PFS studio Bisley drawers


In conclusion


We acknowledge that, back in the day, there was none of this nonsense. You went into a shop, found a helmet that went with your bike, and tried it on. If you could manage to get your head into it, and if you couldn't swivel it through 180 degrees it was fine. And many of us rode, for many years, with helmets bought on that basis.

But we live in a different world now. We have higher expectations. We want our helmet to be comfortable, we want it to be stable at high speed, we want it to be quiet. These are considerations nobody thought about back then. Indeed, there are still many people who don't know, and perhaps don't care, how a helmet should fit.


Motolegends Shoei PFS studio door


If you want a Shoei, and want it to fit properly, you need to come and see us.


Shoei does care about how a helmet fits. They have always taken this more seriously than any other manufacturer. But with PFS the Japanese maker has now put an even larger expanse of clear blue water between them and the other brands. We think that most bikers will benefit from a PFS fitting, but particularly those who have never managed to find a comfortable helmet.

I will finish on one final point. If your head is particularly large, with a circumference measure of 62 or more PFS may well not help. We reckon that PFS will work for 95% of people, but it won't work for everybody. And if the dimensions of your head cause smoke to come out of the computer, we will offer a refund. And our apologies!

To buy a Shoei helmet online, click Shoei motorcycle helmets.



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