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Arai helmets

Arai Motorcycle Helmets

Arai is, unquestionably, one of the most famous brands in the motorcycling. The company started making helmets in 1926. Today the company is still family owned and family run in Japan with the founder's son Mitch Arai running the company. Arai's heritage and history is in racing helmets but the company also make what is considered the best adventure helmet which is the newly released Arai Tour-X5

Few would question the assertion that Arai makes the best quality and safest helmets on the market. They are beautifully put together by hand in Aria's own factory in Japan, using only the highest grade materials and components, by skilled workers. Each helmet takes 18 man-hours to make and will be quality checked five times during the manufacturing process. The final products are tested in house to a higher standard that other helmets. 

Arai was the pioneer in developing helmets that can withstand oblique-angled impacts, reducing the rotational forces that can cause irreparable damage to the brain. It is because of this that Arai has such round shells and tend to be a little larger and heavier than other brands.

As an official UK Arai stockist, here  at Motolegends, we stock all colours and sizes of the following models: the new Arai Tour-X5, Arai Quantic and Arai Concept-XE. You can buy on line with free next day UK delivery or visit the shop in Guildford for a custom fitting.

 How long do Arai helmets last?

This is a difficult question to answer and depends on usage and personal preference. However, all Arai helmets come with a 5 year warranty.

Why are Arai helmets expensive?

Arai produces all its helmets in its own factory in Japan where they are hand made by highly qualified workers spending 18 hours per helmet. They are made and tested to a higher standard than other helmet brands. All the current Arai helmets meet the new EC 22-06 standard. 

What different Arai helmets are there and what are they best used for?

Which Arai crash helmet suits you very much depends on what, where and when you are riding. The Tour-X5 for an adventure tour, the Quantic for a commute or the Concept-XE for a Sunday ride out on a classic. All Arais still bring the same levels of quality and safety to the biker.

What distinguishes Arai helmets from other helmet brands in terms of quality and safety?

Since 1976 Arai set its sights on simply making better helmets. For them, safety and protection was the single most important factor in making an Arai helmet the best available. This has resulted in a rounder shell and also a heavier and stronger shell.

What are the available colours and design options for Arai helmets?

If you want a black Arai helmet you can get that in any of the styles, In addition there will be a plain grey or white helmet. They all come in a variety of graphics for the more adventurous!

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