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Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

If it rains hard enough for long enough, your feet are going to get wet when you ride a bike, as will other areas of your body. This is a motorcycling reality. A waterproof membrane liner in a boot will help to keep your feet dry, but it's not a perfect solution, as rain can get in over the top of the boot. Tall boots are usually therefore better at keeping feet dry than are short boots. Wearing your riding pants over, and not-inside, your boots will also help keep the rain out. Boots with laces are not going to be the best when it comes to keeping water out. Lorica may be better than leather, although the best leather boots from somebody like Daytona are treated for water repellancy to keep the rain out. One way of keeping your feet dry is to wear waterproof riding socks. They really work!

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