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Motorcycle jackets

Choosing a motorcycle jacket is probably the most important gear decision you have to make. The huge choice of biker jackets on the market can be bewildering. There are the safety issues to consider - how abrasion resistant is the jacket material; are there reinforced areas; what level is the shoulder and elbow armour; is a back protector included or optional? Then you need to think about the waterproofing and venting properties of the jacket. Will you be riding in the summer or winter or both? These days a textile motorcycle jacket can be just as effective as leather in terms of protection. But leather has no thermal qualities, and is very poor when it comes to keeping the rider dry, as it simply absorbs moisture. Staying safe on a bike is helped when you ride comfortably, and in most circumstances, hot or cold, wet or dry, you'll be more comfortable in a textile jacket. Textile jackets  also tend to come equipped with a whole host of technical features that often don't make their way onto leather motorcycle jackets. Choose leather if your priority is looking good, or if you’re riding on the track. Choose textile for commuting and touring.

Here at Motolegends we only stock the jackets that we believe are up to the job. We stock what we consider to be the very best brands in the business - so Rukka jackets, Klim jackets, Belstaff jackets to name just the top few. We are also good at helping you work out which motorbike jacket is the right one for you and your riding needs. Come and visit up in our shop in Guildford for a personal shopping experience or buy online with free next day UK delivery.

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