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Ladies Motorcycle Trousers

Now this is a minefield, so we'll tread carefully! Finding motorcycle trousers for ladies that meet the twin brief of performing on the protective front, and looking great when worn, is akin to the search for the Holy Grail. In this respect, a trade-off or compromise often has to be reached, and of course nobody is ever happy with this. The most protective trousers, in terms of abrasion resistance, warmth, and protection from the rain, are likely to be textile ones. But this style of pant is not always particularly flattering, although people like Halvarssons make proper motorcycling pants that look good on most people. Protective motorcycle jeans, especially those with a bit of stretch, can look fabulous, but any denim trouser has its limitations. Both Richa, Resurgence and Rokker do some great ladies riding jeans. Which leaves leather. Leather biking trousers can look great; leather is highly abrasion resistant in the event of an accident, but leather has no thermal properties, and it's hopeless in the rain, soaking up moisture like a sponge. 

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