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Motorcycle jeans | Biking jeans | Armoured jeans

Motorcycle jeans are good for motorcycle riding and can protect you effectively in the event of a crash as long as you are wearing the right sort of jeans! There is now a dizzying array of riding jeans to choose from, and, unsurprisingly, they vary hugely in price and levels of protection.

Firstly, let’s be clear. You shouldn’t really be riding a motorcycle in regular jeans. There is no law against it, but normal high street jeans will not protect you either from abrasion injuries or from impact. You need proper protective, armoured motorbike jeans.

Here at Motolegends, we are motorcycle jeans experts. These are the questions we address. What are the riding jeans made of? How protective is the material for abrasion? Are they single layer jeans or Kevlar lined jeans? Is there a CE rating for jeans? What does the A, AA or AAA on the label of motorbike jeans mean? Do they have knee and hip armour? What armour, what level and is it in the right place? The choice of riding jeans is now huge and potentially confusing. Trust us to help you get the right motorbike jeans for you and your riding. 

For many bikers, protective riding jeans are the most comfortable and most appropriate option. Bikers have been riding motorcycles in denim jeans for decades but it is only in more recent times that modern materials have made it possible to have a truly protective, armoured motorcycle jean that is as comfortable as a regular street jean, but still offers good levels of abrasion resistance and impact protection. We stock, almost exclusively, what is termed a single-layer motorcycle jean rather than a lined or Kevlar riding jean. That is because we believe these are a better option for today's motorcyclist. These wear more like a street jean and are therefore more comfortable to ride in, much cooler in hot weather, easier to walk around in or to have your lunch in! But, contrary to some things you might read they can still be equally or even more protective than a lined motorcycle jean.

In order for a  motorcycling jean to be protective, it should be made of an abrasion resistant material and then also come with knee and hip armour for impact protection. The level of strength of the material will determine how protective it is and will in term determine is rating under the ECE 17092 legislation. A riding jean can be rated A, AA or AAA depending on the material it is made of, the percentage content of that material and the armour the jean is supplied with. Here at Motolegends we stock some of the best motorcycle jeans on the market. 

The very best motorcycle jeans, in our view, come from the Swiss company Rokker. They are made of a material called Armalith which comprises an UHMWPE and cotton. We have worked with Rokker to come up with the ideal fit of a mens biker jean. It is a modern slim shape but with sufficient stretch to make them comfortable on the bike. They come in waist sizes from 29" through to 46" and in four leg lengths 30", 32", 34" and 36". This jean is called the Rokker Legend. We now do a Straight fit Legend too. Rokker also make a number of good ladies motorcycle jeans, particularly a high waist skinny version which fits many women better than most high street jeans. 

FAQs about motorcycle jeans

Are jeans good for motorcycle riding? Are they safe for motorcycling?

Yes, motorcycle jeans can definitely be good for motorbike riding as long as you choose a pair that have appropriate levels of protection for the riding you are doing. Some jeans are made from materials stronger than leather and can be extremely protective. Others have minimal levels of reinforced lining and are not much better than a street pair of jeans. You need to buy your motorbike jeans from a shop that knows what they are talking about!

Are motorcycle jeans worth it?

In our view we would say they definitely are. They are one of the most versatile and comfortable options on a motorbike and now can be one of the most protective too.

What are the best motorcycle jeans?

In our view, the Rokker Rokkertech Legend jeans are certainly up there as one of the best. With the look and feel of a street jean but with abrasion protection better than leather and supplied with the lates D3O Ghost armour they take some beating.

Are motorcycle jeans waterproof?

Most motorcycle jeans are, like street jeans, not waterproof. They are made to be comfortable in hot weather and so flow the air like a regular street jean. There is one laminated waterproof jean available from Rokker and also a fairly waterproof one from PMJ. 

Do Kevlar jeans work?

Well Kevlar jeans are quite old fashioned now and a lined Kevlar jean is not comfortable to wear. You can find out more about by reading our article about lined Kevlar Hood jeans. There are many more modern materials now that can make a jeans more comfortable as well as being protective for the rider.

What is the difference between A, AA and AAA jeans?

The A, AA or AAA is level of protection under the ECE 17092 regulations regarding protective wear for motorcyclists. We have written about the problems with EN 17092 to try to help motorcyclists understanding of the legislation.

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Rokker Legend Straight jeans in blue

Peter: Super comfy

Ive bought four or five pair of Rokker jeans from ML over the last couple of years, all but one of them the AAA Rokkertech Straight fit. I finally caved to Chris excellent review of the Rokker Legend jeans, and hes spot-on in asserting their comfort and fit. I love my AAA Rokkers, but button-fly is a giant PITA, plus theyre more stiffless flexible than the ML Rokker Legend jeans. For max comfort, buy these and youll never buy another brand of jeans again.

Halvarssons Rogen jeans in blue

Andrew H: Comfy, great fit

Im between sizes for normal jeans as I stick out in the middle unlike the catalogue models. 36 is too big and 34 too small normally. But these fit me perfectly, I got the 34 waist and the little bit of stretch is enough for a great fit. They look good, fit well and are cool to rid in during Summer. And at this price well worth it. Happy with these.

Rokker Rokkertech High Waist ladies jeans in blue

Andrew: Rokker jeans - as youd expect

The usual Rokker high quality, protection, comfort, fit and looks. Theres nothing not to like