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Stadler gloves


In Germany, the technical motorcycle wear brand that sits at the very top of the tree is Stadler. It’s a 40 year old, family-owned company with a long-standing relationship with Gore. So highly regarded is Stadler in its home market that they supply protective suits to every single police force in Germany, as well as to many others around the world. In fact you will see that Stadler gloves greatly resemble Held gloves; and that's because Held make the Stadler gloves for them. 

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Stadler Activ II GTX gloves in black

F D: Concrete mittens

Im into my second winter with these now, so I reckon theyve stretched about as much as they will. Really nice workmanship, everything just works and is ready for the elements. Materials are thick and dont discolor, straps continue to tie, surfaces dont scratch easily. One nic-nac is that immediately after I received the gloves the reflector sticker on on glove peeled off. Legends offered to replace but I declined. The more surprising thing is that they fit short, although Held who makes these for Stadler has a reputation for sizing large . Its fine but theres no room for an interior additional silk or Infinium glove . Overall, these are built like a tank and should last me years

Stadler Guard II GTX gloves in black

Handy: Brilliant

These Gore Grip gloves are top-notch, as you would expect from Stadler and Held. They are perhaps the ultimate summer rain and autumnal weather gloves and are hard to fault. But you need to be mindful of the sizing. The fingers are fractionally slimmer and longer than other Held gloves. Did Stadler seek a subtly different fit? Comfort and protection are excellent. The palm has SuperFabric reinforcement, as with most gloves at the higher end of the Held range. Pinkie fingers and the edge of the hand are vulnerable in a lowside but protected by SuperFabric. Not all alternative gloves have this crucial lowside protection. The Guard 2 is a brilliant glove.

Stadler Vent touch gloves in black

Mike Granger: Stadler Vent Gloves

Well made gloves that are comfortable to wear, and best of all, made in Germany, NOT China!