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Motolegends Price Beat & Discount Codes

Our Price Beat Guarantee

What is it?

Almost invariably, we sell goods at the manufacturers' recommended prices. But if you find an authorised dealer in the UK offering anything that we sell, for more than £5 less than our price, we'll beat that discounted price by a further 10%.

We will also beat prices that are reduced through the means of a loyalty bonus, even if that bonus can only technically be used against a future purchase. Similarly we will, for the purposes of our Price Beat Guarantee, accept prices that are reduced by means of a special offer or internet voucher code.

Our only stipulation is that any such offers must be advertised and available to all. Privately negotiated deals and discounts will not apply.

What do I need to know?

Our Price Beat Guarantee applies only to what we would term motorcycle protective wear. The goods have got to be current season lines, and not items that have been dropped from the manufacturer's range, as often happen towards the end of the year.

The price that we consider for the purpose of the guarantee is the price including postage and packaging. The goods being offered for sale have to be new, unused, and in their original packaging, and they must be offered by an official seller.

The Price Beat is only available to UK based customers.  If the seller is outside the UK, but based in the EU, we will match, but not beat, the discounted price. You cannot combine a Price Beat or Price Match with finance through Pay4Later. Our guarantee is valid for a full 14 days after you purchase an item from us.

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is provide proof of the lower price. The price can be on a website, in an advertisement, on Amazon, or on eBay with a 'Buy it Now' price. If the price is in a shop, we will accept a camera phone shot of the offer, or of the price label. All we need is to be able to phone the shop to confirm the discounted price. (The one thing we won't accept is a report of a phone call, or of a conversation, with a retailer).

We'd then ask you to send us an email with a link to the price that you'd like us to beat. You should send this email to In that email, please give us a phone number on which we can contact you. We will then, once we've validated the discount, send you an email with a code to quote to a phone operator.

Is there any small print?

Not a lot.

One thing you need to know is that you cannot get finance with our 10% Price Beat guarantee or price Match. Sorry!

The only other issue is that the retailer we are matching or beating has to be able to supply the product in question.