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Ladies motorcycle boots

In many instances, a ladies' motorcycle boot is nothing more than a gent's motorcycle boot in a smaller size. But this is by no means always the case. There are a number of boots that are distinctly feminine in their styling. Such boots will often be distinguished by a separate raised heel. These boots, though, are not always the best solution when it comes to riding, as the heel can hinder use of the gear change. Clearly this is not an issue for pillions. Some womens biker boots, very usefully, have a concealed raised heel inside the boot. This adds a couple of inches to the leg length, meaning that it becomes easier to ride a taller bike.

We have been particularly impressed with the offering of ladies Falco boots. They seem to be the only company that is going out of its way to design boots specifically for ladies in motorcycling. The boots they bring to market are stylish, feminine and protective.

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Falco Nara ladies boots in grey

Di Peaker: So comfortable

Lightweight, but not feeble. Good feedback feel when changing gear, rear break etc. Despatched and arrived promptly as promised.

Daytona Lady Star GTX boots in black

Margaret: I want to purchase Lady Star GTX size 9.5 U.S.A.

I am wishing to purchase the Daytona Lady Star GTX in Size 9.5 womans. I live in the U.S.A in Arizona. Please let me know if that is a size you can sell me. Thank You Have a Wonderful New Year 2022!

Helstons Lady ladies boots in brown

Little lady Jane: Gorgeous

I love these boots! I have them in a size 4 37, at first they felt quite snug, and tight across the front. Giving me a red mark. I spent time walking around, to break them in. However after walking around the local shops, blisters formed on the back of my ankles. Feeling like maybe I should have bought the next size up. I persisted and wore them pillion. To my delight they now feel perfect. They have scratched a bit from the footrest. I would highly recommend them, even if it takes time to break them in. They are beautifully made, the tread isn't very thick, only time will tell how long they last. I hope its a long time!